Mary Zimmer-Behind The Voice

Hello! I’m posting my latest Geeks of Doom article. Not quite as juicy as my others but may appeal to musicians, particularly those who are interested in singing. You can read it here.


47 thoughts on “Mary Zimmer-Behind The Voice

  1. Wow, a strong woman who grabbed chances but did not sell her soul. Her voice is amazing and it is interesting how it is combined with that style of music. Great article, Marissa!

  2. The idea of vocal coaches to learn how to sing gutturals, is fascinating! 🙂 Mary Zimmer sounds beautiful and very strongly heavy metal mixed with rock music. I admire her quest to find a place in music and so glad her partner is also able to fulfill her hopes. 🙂 Great and detailed interview and article, Marissa.

    • Thank you Robin! I know this was more geared towards musicians, especially singers and I wasn’t aware that was the direction it was going to go in, but it just turned out that way. Thank you for reading and your relevant comments!

      • I am always happy to learn something new, Marissa. This was well written for the people who are like me, need music lessons from time to time 😀

  3. I too was fascinated by her journey to learn gutturals. I’m not a musician or singer in any way, but the idea of learning techniques to belt out gutturals was a concept I hadn’t considered.
    … and kudos to her relationship with her 72-year-old vocal coach to help her through that learning process!!

      • I’m curious … when I write a story, I can rarely pick what piece people will latch onto when they read it.
        For this story, did you predict this part of her story would be the most interesting for many readers?

      • I just really judged it on what I found fascinating. I was a bit worried on this one because I like my subjects to be a little more personal and Mary is so into music that there doesn’t seem to be that much more that she wanted to talk about so I was really hoping that was what people would latch on to. Thank you for your interest.

  4. Good on her for walking away and maintaining her integrity. Really well written article. Is she doing sll vocals in that video? I listened for a bit but that kind of music makes me feel stressed and anxious, but having said that, I can appreciate the work and dedication thst goes into creating it- plus I loved the drumming.

      • My old flatmate now writes regulary in the sports section of The Guardian so I read what I otherwise wouldn’t have. Never thought I’d find myself regularly reading about football (AFL) and heavy metal 😂

      • That’s pretty crazy! I think that sports is one thing I could never follow, especially if I was trying to read about it. If I was watching and someone explained to me what was going on, I might be able to get into it.

      • Well it was knowing the guy that made me read the first article, but they were quite different to what I thought a sports article would be like- quite literary with references to history, mythology and talking psychology and leadership/ organisational culture in discussing the ins and outs of different teams….so that has kept me reading. As with your articles which although are about musicians who perform a genre I don’t really dig, are also about humans and experiences that I find interesting…and it is also nice to see the evolution of your writing 🙂

      • Yes, well that might add interest to sports writing. Thanks for the kind words re mine as well. I try to make them so they will appeal to people who might not be that interested in the topics but it doesn’t always work out that way. Kind of depends on the responses I get.

  5. it was very interesting
    That she stuck it out till the end
    A woman is always hard to find
    Especially in a world not made for one
    That’s why we are where we are
    As always Sheldon

  6. A very interesting article, Marissa. I think musicians have much more dynamic lives than the rest of us, ha ha. It does seem that there are many personality conflicts in bands which may cause a lot of break ups. I admire her strength and determination to move on. I liked that she was able to get feedback from her elderly vocal coach.

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