The Godmother of The Lower East Side

No, It’s not me…ha, ha! I would have loved that status but missed my chance when I moved to L.A. ….not that anyone would have been likely to induct me anyway. Well, here is my actual interview for the week about a really amazing woman who supports the arts and tries to keep the NY scene alive. You can read it here.


41 thoughts on “The Godmother of The Lower East Side

  1. What an inspiring and TOUGH person.. That is so cool that she is supporting the local artists and musicians who might otherwise not have an a place to showcase their talents. She looks like she can kick some butt!

  2. A great article, Marissa. Unfortunately, this type of thing is happening all over the place. I hate sprawl, Generica taking over the mom-n-pops, etc. The village I live in is “artsy” and relies on tourism for most of its income, but the very artists that make it special can’t afford to live here. That is, in a word, sad. Kudos to the Godmother for her part in promoting art, music, and diversity in her neighborhood. World peace will be achieved by people like her. 🙂

  3. What an amazing woman in so many ways. The way she has come and now that she supports artists and shares the blessing she was given. Amazing. It was interesting to think that you and her switched places. Did you meet her when you were in New York this year?

  4. Great writing. I can see why she is called The Godmother. I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with her, then again, I think she’d be cool with me. I’m a huge fan of mom n’ pops and I brew my own coffee. 😉

  5. A very cool and relatable piece, Marissa. Artists like the ones she supports are the ones who set the scene in the first place, and attract interest to an area that might otherwise be abandoned. They make it “cool” and then it gets homogenized and rebranded by deep pockets. I could go on and on…but you get it!

      • Yep. As you know, we’re quickly getting priced out of downtown. The first chain restaurant is set to open (Wahlburgers) and the local restaurant owners are pissed. Again, I could go on and on, but the fact is: local business owners and artists paired up to make downtown a place where people were no longer afraid to visit after dark. It took over a decade, and many of the businesses folded. Now that it’s a “hot spot”, national chains are interested.

  6. She is very inspiring. I admire people who stand up for the arts. I don’t understand why artists and art programs are so undervalued, they always seem to be among the first things cut when funds become tight. Gentrification seems to be a problem for many cool cities, this has also been going on in San Francisco for awhile with many people being moved and priced out of neighborhoods where they have lived for years. A sad thing, if it continues, that will certainly change the flavor of these cities.

  7. I liked this article but don’t want to get logged into Disques. Sorry, Marissa. I think she is taking on cool things to keep them alive, like art, music and neighborhood. Trying to keep Starbuck’s or 7-11 convenience store isn’t going to happen. But encouraging a “Buy Local” movement is very valuable! Thanks for such a great summary and review, friend. ❤

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