American Madonnas And Liars

Quite possibly my weirdest to date. This one went to dark places but funny enough my recorder cut out at just the right time and, while I could have relied on memory, I chose to omit it anyway. In any case, an interesting, though unpaid, job for sure. Let me know what you think of Robert Butcher and his controversial art. Here’s the link.unnamed-3unnamed-2



34 thoughts on “American Madonnas And Liars

  1. To be honest, first I thought…. urgh….. not my thing. But then I read your story about Butcher and I see what is behind the pictures which makes sense now. His point of view was for sure strongly influenced by his challenging history and the insights he got….. which is what makes an artistic expression so special.

    • Right. It was almost the opposite for me. I did this before seeing the full collection. I found some of the nudity disturbing in it’s presentation as well as some of the things he said and had a change of heart once it was too late. In any case, I shouldn’t really judge too harshly. It made for a great interview.

      • Absolutely, Marissa! Those people make a difference. They make us look at things in a way we did not do it before and ….. they teach us to be careful with pre-judging!

  2. I loved the article, Marissa. Very well written by you! As far as the art? I thought that it was very thought provoking. From choosing women who don’t necessarily fit the cookie cutter viewpoint of what is beautiful, to turning the exploitation around and calling the viewer the liar. I love that contradiction. The art is gritty, edgy, and captivating. I loved it.

    • Thanks Rob! Honestly, Robert is a very well spoken man so it was easy to write it well given the content. I wasn’t sure if it was so clear that the exploitation was being turned around which was my problem but I’m actually glad you see it that way.

  3. Beauty is everywhere, you don’t have to be a fashion model to have it. The gritty beauty in this artwork is awesome. An excellent article/interview as well, helping us to better understand where the artist is coming from. 🙂

  4. Very thought provoking, Marissa. At first I flinched and said, not my thing. Then I read on and that is when my perspective began to change. Art is the freedom to express many things and now that I have the understanding about this art, I accept it without cringing. Thank you for enlightening me today. 🙂 ❤

    • Well no matter what your reaction may have been, there’s really no right or wrong. Robert is someone I have known a long time and when I saw that he had a showing I was excited to review it but I hadn’t seen all the images he represented. When I saw them all, I found them a bit disturbing but of course went ahead and published. I was interested to hear what others would think.

  5. I really liked the article and found it well-written and informative although could not comment because I don’t have an account on Disqus and hate when they force you to give them authorisation for this and that to use your app before you can do anything. One should be able to comment without all that jazz. Anyway, it was really insightful and like Erika and AmyRose I was thinking hmmpf not my thing before you made me change my mind

    • Oh, you mean on the article itself? Does it make you set up an account to comment? I wasn’t aware. In any case, I don’t think it was my place to change anyone’s mind. I started out saying positive things about the display but hadn’t seen the full collection so I was a bit torn myself. I’m interesting to hear different view points.

      • Yes, the article itself is with a provider who wants access to your other accounts or asks you to set up an account. Your input was insightful and even though you did not mean to change minds, you did.

  6. Great job on the article! It’s an interesting and engaging read. I love what he said about going into the subway and seeing an eye under an eye with the torn ads. This sense of layered beauty comes through in his art, giving it a different perspective. I love the one of the woman with a cigarette in her mouth, mimicking the guy on her shirt.

    • Yes, I did like that one and there were others too but some of them I found disturbing in other ways. There were many things that Robert said during the article that I thought were just terrific quotes, the layered beauty being one of them. I also liked when he talked about his concept of beauty changing when he came to NY.

  7. Wow, a fascinating read, Marissa. I was captivated by what Butcher said influenced him to create these types of works… And that helped give more meaning to the images that I admit at first I thought were in bad taste. I understand more now and appreciate having my mindset broadened by the read.

  8. I like your article, Marissa. Butcher has an interesting backstory with all he has been through and is still here to tell his story. Art is freedom of expression and like you said, there is no right or wrong, only perspectives.

  9. It is always interesting to explore motives behind art. I found the layered images and distressed process interesting, also the use of two cameras to create a work. Creative use of the flag, for sure. Glad he was able to overcome and get back on his feet. Suicide is such a terrible and sad end to human life. Great article, Marissa.

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