Words of Advice

Mothers don’t coddle your children
And send them off early to bed
With a sure solid thump
On the back of the rump
And for good measure one round the head

Mothers don’t coddle your children
You may not have chanced to observe it
But they’re up to no good’n
A week without puddin’
They’ve prob’ly done some to deserve it

Mothers don’t coddle your children
And teach them a valuable lesson
If they cuss then they’ll cope
With a mouthwash of soap
That never killed none, so I’m guessing

Mothers don’t coddle your children
And call out their rotten behavior
They may cry and look coy
But it’s all just a ploy
So assure them that they’ll thank you later

Mothers don’t coddle your children
You might think they’ll end up just fine
And callย me absurd
Or take in stride my words
But if so then don’t send them to mine


71 thoughts on “Words of Advice

  1. I’ve had my mouth washed out with soap, and I survived. When I see the way kids disrespect their parents, I wish I had a bar of soap on hand for each one of them.

  2. This is so funny. I agree with your precepts of equal proportions of fun and rules. Sometimes I am apalled at how some children are simply spoiled beyond their own good.

  3. Coddle. Such a funny word. Sounds like it should mean something else more painful. Like being wrapped so tightly you can’t quite breathe, or hit with a large stick. Or is that just me…?!

  4. To coddle or not to coddle, that is the question. I coddled my girls at a young age, but once the give me’s started, I put my foot down. I really cringe when I hear a screaming child in a store and the parents don’t have a clue how to handle it. Loved you post, Marissa.

  5. Where did respect go? I was talking to a teacher a few years ago and she told me that kids get worse by the year. And not only that, their parents are horrible too. They tell the teachers how they have to educate and that their kids can’t be discipline at school! I was shocked!!

  6. Yes, Marissa! With a touch of humor but elements of today’s spoiled rotten children. Perfect message in its over the top plunking on them for misbehavior and please don’t send them my way combination!!
    Is there partly “someone” that your daughter or son are friends with to inspire this? I think one of my granddaughters has a friend who receives anything she wants and she has been fibbing lately. (Step-grandie, 12 year old Lara.)
    Thanks for this,may have to show it to DIL soon. . . ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Oh yes, Robin! I have a big problem with almost all the girls that my daughter brings home. It’s to the point where I think I just have to live with the brattiness at the cost of my daughter having any friends. My son has had one or two in his time but mostly the boys are much more easy going.

  7. Girls tend to have somehow taken notes from the Mean Girls movie or maybe their hormones act up more than boys? I agree, having had more girls bug me than boys. They are placated and content with chips or pizza. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Parents please stop with the beatings
    My backside is three shades of blue
    I know it was wrong
    But, I mean, come on
    Aint our fault we learned it from you!

    Haha highly enjoyed this thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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