The Misanthrope’s Lament

I think from those I better run
Who call me sweetie, dear or hun
And some more who take the cake
Liars, hypocrites and flakes
Bratty kids on my playdates
The vain and the forever late
I also would strongly oppose
Those who pick their teeth and nose
Those who think they’ve all the answers
Show apparent lack of manners
The slow to answer texts and calls
And those who get back not at all
Those who aren’t very bright
And swing too far to left or right
And then I find it quite repelling
Those who lack grammar and spelling
The mean, the picky, the conformists
I’d go on the list’s enormous
Yet I stand lone and bereft
Only to find there’s no one left


102 thoughts on “The Misanthrope’s Lament

  1. Ah ah ah. I loved this one too Marissa. It is true that if one starts concentrating on the faults of others that they think they can’t handle there’s almost nobody left to love πŸ˜€
    Great witty write as usual

      • Personally I find most people’s “faults” endearing except if they are hurtful to others. I avoid people who hurt others intentionally or who are just too careless to bother checking if they are not doing so. Else, I am fine with most things. The only thing that sometimes gets to me is stupidity when it is extreme.

  2. Ahhh, I love this. Most days I feel like this that I tend to isolate myself from every one else. After a while, I feel strong enough again. We all need some breathing space, that’s what I think.

    • Some might like and not comment
      Wonder if they read the content??
      But I always hear applause
      When the Great Miss Menopause
      Finds a blog to catch her eye
      And finds it worthy to drop by!

    • I’m presently working on trying to make it into a song myself but that offer may be too flattering to refuse. We can make a punk version and he can do more of a psychedelic folk…as that’s what I might call his music, so hope he doesn’t mind. By the way, Mike, although we’ve never actually met, I’ve a feeling that you might be one of the few still standing.

      • It was funny, in the beginning I thought: Oh, yes, cannot stand that either… and then I thought… hmmm…. now what is left…. lol! Awesome poem! The vivid flow is amazing, Marissa!

      • Thank you Erika! I often feel very alone and have to really watch myself so I don’t lose all my friends what with having kids and a band and all! I guess it’s a mix of being short tempered and oversensitive.

      • I hear you! Life can be so absorbing that we don’t even notice how we slowly get isolated. But your poem shows that you are still aware of that “thread”… lol!

  3. This really tickled me, Marissa! I am liking the way you have eliminated all sorts of folks, which I may be included as I call you “dear friend” and often add a ❀ which may be rather annoying. . . hugs, have a fun weekend! πŸ™‚ Rather lonely being "picky" huh? !

      • Good thing I don’t use those for anyone my age or younger, since I do love calling older people “sweetie,” and long to have a man to call “babe” or “honey.” πŸ™‚

  4. I love this rant. Every line, I was going “Ugh, YES!” with impassioned (and annoyed) agreement. Then I got to the end and felt like I learned a valuable lesson haha. Still, I just can’t get over the chronic lateness or lack of phone calls.

  5. I guess everyone is just learning their shit. Hopefully they dry in the sun and are blown away with the breeze.

  6. omg – I had one of those weeks too. It’s a good think Husband was out of town – he would have been on the receiving end of all my irritation with the world.

  7. Great write Marissa…the first stanza…I detest being call honey, dear, blah blah, esp. by people half my age. this is a good one, cheers/

  8. Luckily your misanthrope is a very mild one, hence the lament; there is still ample hope visible on the horizon.
    True misanthropes are the forte of Thomas Bernhard–insufferable characters constantly searching for and seizing on fault. But somehow their bitter, twisted, spiteful outbursts provide a certain pleasure as they often escalate into highly amusing and comical mini-monologues that seem act as a kind of catharsis.
    So all is not lost, even for the misanthrope. They come to enjoy the chance to complain.

    • I once wrote a poem that followed that theme much more precisely. There was a guy I knew in high school who was the classic misanthrope. I recently found him on fb ranting in much the same vein as ever only now he had somewhat a following, and, i noted, more friends than I did!

      • Well, if its any consolation, popularity is rarely a sign of value. Look no further than what tops music, movie, book charts etc. (I won’t even mention politics….)

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