Motivational Speaking For the Unmotivated

Megan sat there watching the expression in Wanda’s eyes run the gamut from awe to disappointment to disgust. But even worse than that was the cold steely eye of the iPhone in Wanda’s hands, taking it all in with no way for Megan to stop it. It was then that Megan started to regret snorting that line of coke off the Korean executive’s cock at 3 o clock that morning. But, if she really thought about it, this was just an inevitable end to something that had been put into motion way before she even took her first shot of tequila last night.

The truth was, Megan really didn’t ever want to do anything. She was perfectly content sitting at home in her sweat pants lazing around in her unmade bed, eating Twinkies, browsing social media and waiting for unemployment checks to roll in…which is exactly what she would have been doing had it not been for the slight inconvenience of the fact that there were no unemployment checks coming in and hadn’t been for the past three months. That is what brought on the depression which was slightly alleviated by the appearance of little numbers in the notifications box in whatever social media platform she happened to be on.

It was around this time that J. Lo came to Megan in a dream (although it may have been a video on Facebook, no one is really quite sure). J.Lo went on to tell her how even someone as talentless as herself, could make it in the world if she just believed. Megan thought about the dream a long time before coming to the conclusion that the blonde hair J. Lo was sporting really didn’t suit her at all. But later on in the day, J Lo’s words started to resonate with her and so she started posting inane messages on social media platforms like “your mind is your best friend and your worst enemy”, “you are so much more than what you see in the mirror” and “sexy is a state of mind”. Pretty soon, Megan found that she had much more than numbers in her notifications box. She had thousands and thousands of followers.

The time had come. She needed to take action. She didn’t even have to pick up the phone to book the first Megan Landry Motivational Speaking for The Unmotivated Conference. The wheels were in motion.

At Megan’s first conference, she didn’t bother to prepare a speech. She scoured her brain for clever internet memes. She quoted a couple of Bon Jovi songs. The conference ended with everyone in attendance joining her on stage for a rousing rendition of ‘I Will Survive’. She was a huge success.

The money started rolling in. So much so, in fact, that her accountant started advising her to give some away to charity. Which is why, when Megan got a phone call from The Plight Of The Injured Iguanas Foundation, asking if she would donate an in home consultation to the highest bidder, (tax deductible mind you) she readily agreed.

The receptionist at The Injured Iguana did a great job of reminding Megan about her upcoming appointment with Wanda who had bid a whopping $1000 to meet Megan at her apartment at 9:00 on Friday morning for the consult. Unfortunately, it was Megan who dropped the ball. Every time she was about to enter the date down in her computer calendar, she was immediately sidetracked by the window that came up which automatically defaulted to Kim Kardashian’s Twitter page.

When Megan’s alarm started going off at 9 AM on Friday, she wished for death as she hit it repeatedly. When it didn’t stop it’s incessant buzzing, she realized it was the doorbell. She crawled out of bed in hopes that whoever it was would go the hell away, if only so that she could return to her desired state of unconsciousness. But when she saw Wanda, it all came flooding back to her.

As the two sat in Megan’s kitchen, Megan struggled to decipher Wanda’s words but she just continued to sound more and more to her like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Megan, meanwhile, battled what could have easily have been the worst hangover of all time, if it wasn’t for the fact that she was still a bit drunk. She struggled to think of something prophetic to say but she was rendered stupid from the lasting effects of the alcohol not to mention the sickening feeling in her stomach.

The Youtube video shows her saying something unintelligible. Some think it was “yolo” while others claim it was “oh no”. That is a debate that raged on for many months until it was eclipsed by the great internet controversy of whether the dress was blue or white. No matter in any case, as with the words came up rivers of vomit most of which ended up on Wanda’s new pencil skirt which she had purchased just for the occasion. I hear Megan is now gainfully employed at a McDonald’s in Pasadena.


71 thoughts on “Motivational Speaking For the Unmotivated

  1. I wouldn’t write Megan off just yet! You can really milk 15 minutes of fame . . . Memoir, TedTalks, Chewbaca Lady duet. And everyone loves a comeback. I wish J. Lo would give me tips in my dream.

    A humorous and insightful read!

  2. The pinch of those all important condiments, namely the surreal and the satirical make this massive metaphor of a piece the finest of reads. By the way I once went for motivational posts, my best one, ‘Two crows together are a sign of good weather’ met a universal blank sadly, save of course, the like from Auntie Maud now and then residing in a home for the terminally bewildered.

  3. The yolo or oh, no -sounds better than that stupid dress saga , have you seen the new ‘can you find the phone in the rug’?

  4. Very funny! It is amazing to me that the motivational industry keeps on thriving. I want to run conferences where I get people to read Dickens, eat macarons, and have manicures, under the guise of making them better leaders.

  5. Applause applause. Two things that struck me. First off, I had never imagined J Lo as a fairy godmother. Secondly I just saw the Peanuts Movie. I can still hear Charley Brown’s teacher’s voice.

  6. I think I would rather J. Lo appear to me in a dream than Bela Lugosi or Vincent Price, which is probably what would happen if I dreamt of celebrities, ha ha. Poor Megan, sounds like she fell victim to the social media followers fallacy, not to mention a few other problems.

    • I’m not sure which I’d rather. If J. Lo appeared to me in a dream, I’d have to seriously question my intelligence. It was actually a video on FB, BTW…not sure why I even ended up watching it. (That’s not true…I was bored at work.)

  7. You’re not a goldfish idle in a tap-water filled bowl (blown to look like a castle) waiting, sometimes fighting for feed, but you certainly are gold. Thanks for reminding me to regard simplicity with a 2 foot selfie stick πŸ™‚

  8. I am so sorry, I wrote a comment and must have not waited long enough, Marissa! I always come back to check what you replied and there’s nothing! So here is my comment a day later than the first one!
    This was hilarious, Marissa! I could not stop laughing, I snorted wine the night when I was reading it! I apologize for my being tardy to the party. . .
    Megan is one of the many who have few brain cells or original thoughts. There are even bloggers who choose a song and a photo, just playing upon our interest in music, pop culture and the way we go, “Oh, such a good and fun show!” when we are talking to fans of an idiotic one. We hate to say, “This is stupid!” Poor inane Megan needs to find something, some kind of talent, be it paper mache art, playing songs on her flutophone (recorder) or maybe taking photos of toes, who knows?!!

    • I’m not sure what you mean about no response to the last comment. Was that on this blog? Because I don’t see anything from you here but sorry if I didn’t get back to you. Anyway, absolutely right! We never want to admit anything is stupid. It’s the American way!

  9. So glad you’re writing stories now. This had yoo nany funny lines to mention. I once attempted a humourous piss take on a motivational speaker but it was nowhere near as funny as this 😊

  10. Funny story. Gotta love the life of “a person who is famous for being famous” (which might be a stretch in her case, but close enough to fit the saying).

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