54 thoughts on “Interloper

  1. Ha ha ha, nice one! I find it funny and annoying too when that happens. I wrote a short fiction based on that thought for Ronovan writes fiction challenge 🙂

  2. Gosh, I hate when this happens, I would kill for a piece of floss, and I can assure you the corner of a credit card does not work! 🙂

      • Yes!! Yikes, I had a heel break in a street grate! What are you supposed to do? Bring extra pair of shoes?
        Thanks for saying my ideas of bad situations are pretty bad! 🙂

      • I know, unless you could talk the guy into buying you a new pair. . . come on, he’s on a date where he wants to make a good impression!
        By the way, I have known a man for 104 days and we still like each other. We are just on kissing and hugging level, but I am ready, just waitingn for his move. . . It has been three years and I like him (Calisto, born in New York! Italian immigrants for parents so he has two sons Vincento (Vinnie) and Anthony (Tony) Funny stuff but don’t want to joke on this since you never know he may find we are friends and ask if I made fun of him. I am wondering if any Mafia connections. ha ha ha!)

      • It is kind of cliche, name wise at least, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! if that latter is true, at least you should be in store for some upscale gifts!

  3. imgres
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    Loves her broccoli dear…

    But caught a branch

    In her teeth entrenched,

    Anybody have a crow bar here?

    (Just kidding…some floss????)

    –Jonathan caswell

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