Zack Is A Poser

We all knew Zack was one bad punk
His mohawk was the flyest
His jacket bore the latest bands
His spikes stood up the highest

But one day we were hanging out
And vibin’ on Joe Strummer
He said he loved The Clash but man
He couldn’t name the drummer

It took some years to live it down
Punk friends left Zack rejected
So Zack soon took a different form
He came back resurrected

His mohawk he would grow out long
His plaid pants for spandex
Cause it was heavy metal for
Which Zack was now obsessed

But soon the whispers came about
In those small vicious circles
Zack didn’t know the seventh guy
Who sang lead in Deep Purple

Then indie, Zack in hipster phase
With beard found things ironic
Next goth then grunge then new wave and
Just briefly electronic

But each time someone sniffed him out
Twas something not quite kosher
For Zack was neither metal, punk
But simply just a poser

Zack still knows naught bout music but
I guess it’s no big diff
Since now he listen to Ms. Spears
Bieber and Taylor Swift

And wears a 3 piece suit to work
Like some hot shot breadwinner
But really does the 9-5
Employed as a sign spinner.

Inspired by a blogversation I had with Joanne and My Life Lived Full.


58 thoughts on “Zack Is A Poser

  1. A sign spinner! Fitting ending but one that I (as usual!) didn’t see coming! Loved this!

    Staying in the industry and becoming a composer,
    Must’ve been too pat a fate for Zack the Poser.”
    But how about becoming a decomposer?
    You probably already thought of that, I supposer!

  2. Zack goes alright, just yesterday I shazammed a Beiber song without knowing, sweet-sweet tunes by Bieber, you better Beliber!

  3. I could go on and on about Zack, but I blame Hot Topic and Target more than him. The funny thing is that the kids think they’re rocking these looks for the first time. Fashion is cyclacle, but these “trend-setting” millennialis are going to regret those high-waisted jean shorts just as much as our generation! Here’s the sad part: my 14 year old niece just posted a photo of herself wearing a Napolean Dynamite t-shirt. In her mind, it’s “vintage”. WTF?

    • Yes, why in the world those 80’s fashions are being recycled is beyond me. But hey, there’s a reason why there are Hot Topics in every mall. As for Napolean Dynamite, his look was vintage, the movie, not so much.

  4. Hey talking of sign spinners, there’s this really cool guy I drive by everyday and he’s got cool dance moves and hey a really showy butt crack!

    • It actually started with the conversation I had with Joanne on my photobombing blog since all the people who were waiting for the photobomber were kind of posers because if you want your pic to be photobombed, then it’s not really photobombed…is it? Just got my mind going from there since I always liked metal when I was a kid but the boys couldn’t really hang with that so they were always asking me these really hard metal trivia questions trying to out me as being a poser…but I did my homework!!

  5. A little harsh I think. The guy likes music and buys records. He deserves a break. I remember the guy who questioned my right to listen to certain music because I didn’t dress the part. Juvenile! REALLY. He was 15 years younger than me at the time. I was a Mom, had a mortgage, the whole nine yards. As ever you writing is wonderful, with ironic twist.

    • Oh yes, I totally agree and actually meant to point that out in the writing of the poem. I also had a guy who questioned my right to listen to heavy metal because he didn’t think it was for girls and he would quiz me every day. Boy, was I sure to be up on my answers but thinking back on it, I probably should have told him to f*** off! This poem was partially inspired by that but just a weird twist that Zack actually ended up being a poser. The power of suggestion??

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