Brandon The Emotional Cat From Hell

There once was a poor cat named Brandon
Whose owner did all but abandon
He took him out nights
To eat up the mice
He cried nightly by our ground floor landing

Did he need to be taught a strong lesson?
Did he need a good therapy session?
As it was clear to see
Sep’ration anxiety
Had become the poor kitty’s obsession

Owner said “throw him back up the stairs!”
But dear reader I would not have dared
As it was clear to see
He had 10 pounds on me
From that caper he’d far better fare

We decided to leave him among us
He was emotional and humungous
Showed him we sympathized
But we left him outside
Lest he might well have eaten my youngest

Well, I’m back from NY and slowly getting back in the swing of things. I’m attempting to chronicle my adventures, the first being about a cat named Brandon who had just been downgraded from a plush Harlem apartment to living on the back patio of the building which just happened to be outside of our Air BnB rental. Sorry I have been so bad about responding to comments and reading posts but this time off was much needed. I’m still not sure if I will return to blogging with as much vim and vigor as before but thought this one worth publishing.


Brandon Himself

75 thoughts on “Brandon The Emotional Cat From Hell

  1. Glad to see you back, Marissa–have missed your witty rhymes! Brandon reminds me of one of cats of my past. Cheerio weighed 19 lbs, similarly shape, but man, could he wrestle. 🙂

  2. It makes my blood pressure soar when people do these things to animals, Marissa. Loved your poem and welcome back home as well!! I too am not blogging as I once used to. It’s just too time consuming and the weather here has been so gorgeous and do not want to be on the computer much. I hope you don’t miss my post probably coming tomorrow about how I overcome fear every single day. I have really opened up to reveal some very personal things about me, all to encourage others to let go of fear. I really hope your vacation was a good one!!! ❤

    • Oh yes, I did feel sorry for the poor thing. Yes, the break was good and it’s certainly freeing not to feel so obligated to the computer, especially during the summer months. I will definitely look for your post tomorrow!

  3. Humongous indeed! good thing you guys where there to show sympathy! Glad to know you had a nice time away. 🙂

  4. You still know how to, Marissa! I hope… no…. I am sure you enjoyed your time in NYC a lot! Take your time. Just go with the inspirational flow and decide from time to time. Anyway, good to have you back 😊

  5. Good to see a new poem from you. It reminds me of book I just saw in the library today, entitled How to Make Your Cat an International Celebrity..and Guarantee Your Financial Security.

  6. Hi Marissa! Brandon sounds like he could be a contender. My blogging career is also on life support and the plug will likely pull itself. I wanted to stop by and thank you for your steadfast support of the Dragons and for making my blog reading a joy.

    • Nice to hear from you after all this time! Blogging is hard and I think it may have a shelf life or maybe requires lots of breaks and reinventions. I have made so many friends here so I still want to be a part of it but I’ll have to see in what capacity.

      • That is so true. I only have a couple of hours a day of free time and had to give up reading so I could write. I’ve missed everyone and decided I like reading more than writing. I’ll have more time to clog up other hard working bloggers’ comment sections. That sounds like fun. 😀

      • I actually prefer the pleasure of reading and ever since I went back to work I haven’t had much time to read. I bought over 100 books since last August and haven’t finished one of them. Writing isn’t a natural talent for me. I have to really work at it to get anything legible out in the open. Consequently, I devoted all my time to writing. Now, it’s time to get back to doing what I do best, reading the writing of other people that know how to write and do it well. 😀 You, Dear Empress of Rhyme and Reason, were at the top of the list. (You’re probably cursing your luck now, and wondering what you did to anger the Dragons.)

      • Not at all! Funny to hear you say you don’t have a natural knack for writing as I was very impressed. It is awfully time consuming and I have fallen behind in my book reading as well. In any case, hope to see you around the blogosphere in one form or another.

      • Thank you Marissa! It was a great experience and I felt a great deal of improvement over time but it is a lot of work behind the scenes and I just didn’t have time and felt I was beginning to short-sheet my work just to get it out. Now, I plan to write slower offline and when I stop working again, I’ll have some really well scrubbed stories to tell. Yes, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me soon. I hope that isn’t bad news. 😉

    • I bet there are longer ones! Ha, ha!

      I think there are a lot of people on Air BnB that are flakey or then you get some that are like “stay at my luxury apartment” and there’s a picture of their unmade bed with a half eaten bowl of cereal on it. Ha, ha! So it’s a little frustrating finding the right person and location but it’s definitely cheaper than a motel. We had a few hiccups with the place we were staying at but overall a good experience, especially when you consider the money we saved.

  7. Brandon is definitely a humongous cat!! Yikes, but seems sweet and would rather have fish or stew than your daughter, silly!!
    You can always drop in and post once a week, so we won’t have to go “cold turkey” with no Marissa! Enjoy your music, family and summer! ❤

  8. You come back at your pace and your desires. I just read your short story…I feel inspiration surfacing because of it. We aren’t going anywhere! We will read whatever you write, and wait patiently until you feel like it 🙂

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