Mommy and Daddy Worship Satan


I hoped they wouldn’t notice but
My friends suspicion’s roused
They ask me why I never let them
Come play at my house
It looks as if I may have to
Invite them to my home
And pray dad doesn’t greet then when
He’s wearing his black robe

The coast is clear they wonder what
The worry on my face meant
When suddenly a chanting starts
To rise up from the basement
Why can’t I be a normal kid
It’s so much less complex
To say I think it’s just my mom
And father having sex

My mother says “I guess I just
Don’t get your generation”
And that’s what life is like when mom
And daddy worship Satan.

And before I know it they
Are running to explore
And follow the odd noises that
Are coming from the floor
And soon they find my parents
In their favorite recreation
Conjuring up spirits in
An evil incantation

And daddy says “Oh visitors
Well isn’t that just nice?”
I hope he doesn’t think them virgins
To be sacrificed
But mom ignores my gestures and
She sports an evil grin her
Mouth waters as she says “We’re happy
To have you for dinner!”

I fear they will accept her offer
And agree to stay
Do they not know she means to have them
As the main entree?
I’m just about to tell them run
But briefly I think twice
A break from eye of newt and toe
Of frog would sure be nice

My mother says “I guess I just
Don’t get your generation”
And that’s what life is like when mom
And daddy worship Satan.

This is the second single release from my family band The CheeseBergens. I actually wrote this as a poem some months back and edited it a bit for the song version. Hope you enjoy! Also, if you care to make a donation, all proceeds will go directly to The Rock School Scholarship Fund.

66 thoughts on “Mommy and Daddy Worship Satan

      • Rock and roll to me is not a possession of the devil…I am a follower of Jesus and I think some secular music has been given a very bad rap when some of it comes from people who were gifted by God to produce it in the first place. Some folks of the faith used to hold services in local pubs in England and America and certainly the songs of the bar weren’t necessarily sacred.

  1. This reminds me of the time I had two Jehovah Witnesses knock on my door. I invited them in and they gave me their spill. I offered to go to their church if they would come to mine. When they said yes, I told them to show up in my backyard next Tuesday night at midnight with a live chicken. Never could understand why they rushed out of the house.

  2. 1). F’ yeah! 2). I’m so happy you set this poem to music.3). I’m super impressed that your teenage son sang the line about mom and dad having sex, without throwing up! I know the song’s not biographical, but still…👏👏👏

  3. Reblogged this on The Phil Factor and commented:
    This is my Music Monday for this week. Fellow blogger and genius poet Marissa Bergen is also an accomplished musician, as is her entire family. As the CheeseBergens they’ve taken one of her brilliant poems and put it to music. Enjoy! Have a great Monday `Phil

  4. I remember this poem and liked the humor in it. How much better with you all singing this! Great sound and super photograph, Marissa.
    I had very long days last week, 7 am until 6:30 pm on Monday, at least ten hours (5:30 pm) days this week. I had a wonderful weekend with my Mom and my grandson, Micah. The visit included seeing my brother’s new (old building) art gallery and home, barbecue at Randy’s house, dinner at Rich’s house, day at the beach, and the Cleveland Cavalier winning the NBA on tv. Mom, Micah and I went out for breakfast also. Mom and I were on same team for Monopoly game at brother’s house with R, R, Micah and Susan. 🙂

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