Poison Pens

They say our love was toxic and
It ran it’s fated course
It’s no surprise we’re headed for
A quite ugly divorce

I didn’t like the way you breathed
I drained your life of joy
I cheated with the chauffeur and
You slept with the pool boy

You took the dog you took the yacht
Said you were unfulfilled
But I think it’s a little much
To go and have me killed

But if you want to play that game
Then go do as you please
Cause now you are a victim of
Venereal disease

You should have got that looked at but
You thought you would be fine
So now I’ll have to castrate you
Right there in chapter nine

And maybe that’s a little harsh
Or maybe downright evil
But you don’t even want to know
What happens in the sequel

Where there will be no limits to
The ways in which you’ll suffer
You just may lose your job and have to
Move in with your mother

Followed by such grievances
And all in my defense
Let’s talk about a series of
Unfortunate events

Most venomous of poison pens
That ever did exist
And leaves yours in the dust trails of
The Times bestseller list

The royalties are rolling in
But you have the last laugh
For your well planned hesitation now
I have to give you half



72 thoughts on “Poison Pens

  1. Holy joy, Marissa! That was a river of strong emotions flowing into a most successful book. Cool to live out the frustrations in such benefitting ways even when you only get 50% out! But for 50% you even need to be thankful for the inspiriation through the frustration and resentments you were gifted with…LOL

  2. Reminds me that cartoon my daughter watches, “Grojband” where she writes at the height of her emotions (whether sad or happy) and her brother who’s at a band steals her diary and sings bout it.

  3. You have some fantastic, fancy pens, Marissa! I like the hesitation which brings the more even split of money. πŸ™‚
    I also thought rhyming “evil” with the upcoming “sequel” was awesome. Your cadence and words were really in tune, having a great “vibe” and “beat.” πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! It’s always a struggle to keep that rhythm and make everything rhyme (or nearly, as the case my be). Your recognition of this is priceless, Robin. I’m glad you enjoyed!

    • Funny enough, I answered this earlier but obviously it didn’t take! I work hard on my rhyming a rhythm and it makes all the difference when someone notices. Thank you Robin!

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