A Bagel for Her Birthday

Twas Anjelica’s 6th birthday as
She woke up from her sleep
Rushed to the breakfast nook so sure
That she would find a treat

A cupcake or a brownie waiting
At the breakfast table
An early morning treat but sadly
‘Stead she found a bagel

Her mother tried to make it cool
A breakfast like no other
And smothered with Nutella even
Added peanut butter

And stuck a candle in the top
As a sweet after thought
But as she saw her daughter’s glare
She knew it was for nought

The mother never lived it down
For still the girl’d persist
“Oh come on mom, a bagel served
For my birthday breakfast?”

Each year that followed the mom went
To sort through cakes and pies
Muffins pastries all the best
That her money could buy

Hoping that that gaping wound
This would somehow salvage
And save her daughter irreparable
Psychological damage

A downward spiral she’d reverse
Here on these shopping trips
Lest the girl bear unfulfilling jobs
And bad relationships

Her daughter’d scarf the treats with glee
As quick as she was able
But nothing stopped her lament of
The birthday breakfast bagel

Then many birthdays came and went
And soon the girl was grown
Considerably well adjusted with
A family of her own

Eve of her daughter’s birthday twas
About to go to sleep
It dawned on her that she’d forgot
To buy a breakfast treat

She scoured pantries cabinets and
Still came up with nothing
When in the freezer she did spy
One single English muffin….

For Anjelica on her 9th birthday! Happy Birthday my little Jeli Bean!


76 thoughts on “A Bagel for Her Birthday

  1. She’s adorable! We are a bagel loving family so a birthday bagel sounds perfect. I just read a piece about Fairy Bread, which is an Australian birthday tradition. It sounds perfectly awful… white bread, buttered with sprinkles! Yuck. I’d take an english muffin over that any day! Happy birthday to your daughter!

  2. Really Mom, a bagel? though i do love Nutella. What a beautiful child your little jelly bean is! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

  3. What? We’re supposed to give special breakfast treats to our children? How come I never got that memo?! I better not show this to my sons. They’ll think they had a deprived childhood πŸ˜‰

    … and since I”m not a huge fan of Nutella, I’ll have my everything bagel with just butter. Thank you πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday to the blue eyed Jeli Bean!

  4. A bagel for your birthday breakfast? Uh, yeah. How about some whole wheat toast instead? You’ll never live it down, I’m afraid. I love the salvage/damage rhyme, too–very clever. πŸ™‚

  5. So it’s going to take her that long to forgive and forget? How can we stop this cycle in the family? Your poor grandkid will have it worse- I’d rather a bagel than an english muffin. Happy Birthday Anjelica! a fair haired version of her mama! Rock and Roll Super Tween πŸ™‚

  6. I am smiling and thinking this story is so sweet, Marissa. Yes, there was a little let down in the birthday bagel breakfast but somehow she was going to find a way to make it up to her daughter, what she may have not had as a girl herself. Anyway, here’s to a stack of blueberry pancakes, smothered with butter, whipped cream and maple syrup! I never had a special breakfast but we did have lovely dinners, ones chosen by the birthday kid. (Mac and cheese with hot dogs, Pizza, sometimes fried chicken picked up and once, my son chose a long Italian submarine sandwich and we all liked his choice, too. πŸ™‚
    Anjelica, Miss Jeli Bean, you are special with such pretty eyes and I love that smirk! πŸ™‚ ❀ If I were on my phone perhaps I could figure out another exciting thing to add excitement for
    The Big #9:
    The last of the Single Digit Birthdays!! ~~**~~

    • Yes, i always thought the birthday dinner should really be the special meal which is why I didn’t fret so much over the breakfast bagel but I suppose I was wrong…and never did live it down. Ha, ha! Thank you for the kind words about my daughter. I will bass them on.

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