Adventures In Assembly

Put number 9 in right slot A
Slide left and turn around
But now the thing is backwards, loose
And somehow upside down

My husband’s cursed the parts, China
The less than fit construction
But still insists he doesn’t need
To look at the instructions

Now veins pop from his forehead an
alarming shade of blue
Since I don’t seem to know what thingee
He’s referring to

And righty tighty lefty loosey
For those who are deft
But somehow in there left was right
And then right became left

And then there is a crank, a turn and
One dubious crack
And there my husband stands somehow
With both fingers in tact

He gloats he grins he boasts to me
“I’d say it’s looking fine!”
Though on the floor lies parts 15
11 and A9

I smile blankly as he shifts
The table into place
And never tell him it was meant
To have been a bookcase.


66 thoughts on “Adventures In Assembly

  1. I’ve led a charmed life. I’ve never actually had to assemble anything. Past boyfriends, husband, sons have all done a wonderful job of assembling anything I needed … with all parts.

    Surely the fact I just wrote that will come back to haunt me ….
    I’m sorry Universe, I didn’t mean it. Please don’t punish me.

  2. Brilliant! Haha. You are such a diplomat, Marissa! Just stack your coffee table books on top and it can be a multi-use piece of furniture. Then down the track, repurpose as firewood!

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