Do It With Cheese

There really ain’t no other way I like to grill it
When I got some frozen patties in my skillet
I’m down to eat a salad or scarf up grease
But there’s just one way to serve it that’s gonna please
I don’t care if it’s in slices or an easy squeeze just do it
But do it with cheese!

Now you might say you’re lactose intolerant
But I say just suck it up or go get bent
Cause if your tummy hurts then I say oh please
Go wash it down with Tums or some antifreeze
This is how we roll and if you want a piece then do it
But do it with cheese!

When they see me coming they don’t need to guess
If I want cheese with that cause the answer is yes
I need the gooey stuff and that’s for sure
I don’t care if it’s costin’ me 50 cents more

Cheese is the stuff of life and you can’t refute
If you think you’re gaining weight then stop eating fruit
Cause life it too short to sweat the calories
So you best start clogging up all those arteries
Live fast and die of cardiovascular disease just do it
But do it with cheese!

Please enjoy song lyrics and video footage from our gig on Saturday night. I know it’s very dark but hopefully you get the idea! And you can like us on Facebook at this link:


89 thoughts on “Do It With Cheese

  1. Very good companion post for your gig. Given that it was a Californian diet that saved me years ago may I ask what types of cheeses do Californians scoff?

    • Yeah, I know. It was dark and really not the best video in terms of angles. We just propped the camera up near the PA and hoped for the best. You can hear the song at least!! Thanks Amy!

  2. I love synchronicity. I pulled up this post with a plate of lovely Merlot cheese (not to be confused with merlot and cheese) and munched contentedly through the video …. um, next time the camera should be facing the front of the band so we can see everyone!

    … and yes, cheese goes with everything. Was there any doubt?

    • Yeah, it was really dark in there so I was happy to get the audio. We just had an iPhone set up next to the PA but every time I post song lyrics people always ask for the audio so I figured this was better than nothing.

      Glad you enjoyed this one as it should be enjoyed Joanne!

  3. I take lactaid, but I didn’t have to this time!!! Thanks for sharing your daring dairy-ness, you’re too cool πŸ™‚ Oh, and cool family too!!

  4. You were all so irresistibly cheesy and delicious sounding, Marissa. Anytime I order a sandwich or fix one at home, I use cheese. This week it is Swiss. I like the odd flavor of it and it definitely makes a great grilled ham and cheese sandwich!
    I am nearly out of my Data and couldn’t get into the library computer room last night, a line on Monday this loooooong! So, I missed the Premiere Night!! I am satisfied with the Encore Night! πŸ™‚
    I love the name of “The Chessebergens!!” You guys rock and yes, we love you yeah, yeah, yeah. I like the acoustics and the beat to the song. The photo could use a bit more light on the subject unless some of you are ‘shy?’ ha ha ha! πŸ˜€

    • Oh no, not shy at all. There were no lights in front of the stage and the camera was propped up by the soundboard but so many people want to hear the music I figured this was better than nothing. Glad you enjoyed! Swiss is a good choice Robin. I never met a cheese I didn’t like!

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