Fifteen pairs of underwear
Left on the bedroom floor
Fourteen items I forgot
To pick up from the store

Thirteen times reminding you
About tomorrow’s plans
Twelve frenzied calls from freeways cause
I don’t know where I am

Eleven times of coming home
From a day from hell
Ten TV dinners eaten that
Did not heat up too well

Nine times I asked “the garbage out?”
You claimed you didn’t hear
Eight peanut butter Oreos
That somehow disappeared

Seven days complaining that
I’ve got nothing to wear
Six drains that need plumbing since
They’re clogged up with my hair

Five neighbors pissed because we are
Rehearsing on their heads
Don’t forget the four in-laws
I think that’s enough said

About three dumpsters worth of junk
That have since accrued
The two monkeys that lie around
And eat up all our food

And then one other sleepless night
Spent listening to you snore
But I love you darling
So here’s to 15 more

For my husband on our Anniversary!

Inspired with the help of Dina over at Wine and Cheese Doodles and her post 15 to Life.


111 thoughts on “Fifteen

    • Thank you Peter! We are so busy that I’m afraid any proper spoiling is being indefinitely postponed. There are some yet unused Cheesecake Factory gift certificates hoping to reach their potential!

      • ? We do have a snail that has taken pride of place under the nose of a sun god plaque hanging on the back wall (looks a bit like a Hitler moustache as it happens – TRUE) yet do not refer to my offspring as apes, b*****d’s they are and always have been!

  1. Awww! Happy Anny! And I have to say this poem was super cute and full of wit. It’s nice seeing that there are marriages like yours out there ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Awww…this was the sweetest, best anniversary tribute ever. THIS, this made me smile today–thank you so much!
    PS: What can you think of for 25? That’s how many we will be celebrating in May. Unless he keeps turning my curling iron off!!

  3. Happy Fifteenth Anniversary, Marissa and hubby! โค โค
    I like how sweet you both look on your wedding day!
    I love your 2 monkeys who lie around and consume all the food! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Happy Anniversary, Marissa! Let me know if you find a solution to the snoring. Ear plugs won’t work because I won’t hear my alarm. Kicking and punching is my go-to for now. It’s the perfect crime because he never remembers where the bruises came from. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ All in jest, people!

    • You know, the truth is, my husband doesn’t really snore. I just used it cause it fit with the rhyme. What he does do is he gets these massive twitches that shake the whole bed until some nights I’m holding on for dear life! I try hitting him but he falls back asleep and starts again. If I find a solution fur either of us I’ll let you know!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, MARISSA!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Marriage is work, and I know you know. I’m proud of you for sticking it out and I hope you have many more anniversaries together!! YAY! โค

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  7. Oh, I love this so much. Happy belated anniversary, you are a beautiful couple, many many more dear Marissa.

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