Memories Of A Not So Free Festival

She set off to Coachella with
Some flowers in her hair
And 30 pairs of jean shorts in
The 3 days each she’d wear

To cavort with the great unwashed
In land of milk and honey
Who also bought their passes with
Their daddy’s hard earned money

And much more to buy water, henna
Tattoos for her body
Seeks fleeting glimpses at romance
Inside a porta potty

Her iPhone at the ready cause
Her trip ain’t worth a damn
If she can’t post up selfies of it
On to Instagram

She’s pissed because she lost her favorite
Pair of black sunglasses
Distracted to the point she may have
Ate the yellow acid

And in harsh light of Monday to
Suburban home she’s crawling
Sure she’s summoned to a higher
Spiritual calling

And so it goes, I would say
A good 6, 7 days
What here to now on shall be known
As her Moonbeam phase

When asked about the music clear
She barely understands
Furrows her pretty brow and asks
“You mean, there were bands?”

Inspired by the Coachella festivalย which took place in California’s Coachella Valley the past two weekends. This is not meant to typify everybody that goes to these things.


71 thoughts on “Memories Of A Not So Free Festival

    • Yes, I’ve actually never been myself so I guess that makes me a bit of a poseur too…just read enough about it to actually know that many are like this…but a lot of people say it’s really fun nonetheless!

  1. All too easy to forget the actual reason for going to festivals sometimes…what with the hair, and nails yo be done, wardrobe to be packed, shoes to be decided on….

  2. Wannabe hippie chick! This Coachella festival sounds like a millenial version of Woodstock. But whaddaya mean, “There were bands?” I guess nowadays kids go for the selfies and port-a-johns. Too funny! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey, there are plenty of ancient people at Coachella including my brother in law and my son’s friend’s mother. That being said, I know what you mean. I’ve accompanied my son to far to many all age clubs to know what it’s like to be the oldest person in the room!

  3. Oh my goodness, Marissa! I picture the past concerts like Woodstock when people had regular cameras or Polaroids to capture the moments, also wearing just one pair of stinky, muddy pants all week at the Peace Rally of the Century.
    I am laughing at the wide disparity between now, with conveniences and our cell phones, life at concerts would never be like “Where were you?” or “I lost you three days ago!” No, we would say, “Meet up at the weird guy’s tent” or “I need to go to the port a pot, meet you there. . . )

      • I cannot imagine how I used to take my 3 kids to an amusement park with my 2 brothers, one sister in-law and my 2 dear parents! We had this “rule” to meet at the such and such place at 6 PM for dinner and the ice cream parlour at 10:00 PM. The kids stuck together and we all lived to tell about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I haven’t been to one but I have friends and clients who have attended. And it is always packed! But fun, indeed!
    I’d love to go but I get claustrophobic when among crowds.

  5. known as her moonbeam phase – HAH!

    I wrote a list the other day titled ‘words of current annoyance’ and the moon was one. Everyone seems to always blame their moods on it these days.

  6. I’ve gotten so many “likes” on my Instagram page from these “Trustafarians” (trust fund hippies) but they never buy. That’s what I get for using #gypsy. Awesome post, Marissa!

      • I wish I’d coined it myself, but it’s a “thing”. I once knew a girl who only used crystals as deodorant, wore a “cup” to catch her flow, and reeked of Patchouli. I was shocked when I found out that she came from old Tobacco money, and that her parents owned most of the land on a riverfront destination.

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  8. Your poetic expression and image have a vib of Woodstock days, except for the selfies and iPhones. Loved the words “cavort with the great unwashed.” Way too funny. Marissa! โค

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