The Appointment

Every day he tells her that
He’s come in for his meeting
He’s lucky if he gets a scowl or
If at all a greeting
He knows his place, a chair that neither
Rests his back or feet
If asked what it was made of he
Would prob’ly guess concrete
Her coffee is a blackened brew
That frankly tastes like crap
And if he begs a cup it likely’d
End up in his lap
Her phone’s lit up with callers who
Have long since been condemned
To hear the same 2 bars of muzak
For hours on end
He knows the office drill if someone’s
Knocking at the door
She grunts at him to answer she
Just got a manicure
And after waiting hours and
The day turns into evening
She tells him that the boss stepped out
Though no one saw him leaving
He’ll go back to his dungeon sure
To return the next day
And hopes she’ll be attired in
Her leather bustier.


65 thoughts on “The Appointment

  1. No wonder that man put up with this woman. A leather bustier! … OUCH! I hope she is one of those gals who knows how to accessorize but yet come to think of it if she does her nails, she most certainly knows.
    Bringing the tone down a bit I hope you are OK about Prince. I when I heard could not believe it. Someone is definitely getting a Heaven Rock And Roll Band together, but for what exactly? ❤

    • Yes, well the funny thing is, I actually looked up uncomfortable chairs online and that’s where I got the idea for the concrete one… Because there actually was one!! Along with tons of other chairs that were obviously made more for the aesthetic than the comfort. Oh Jess, I’m sure there are tons you would have loved.

  2. Why can’t I ever land a job where I can get away with this type of behavior?! Just once I’d like to give someone a piece of my mind without facing any consequences!

  3. Leather bustier sounds like YOU, Marissa.
    The other traits fits this shall we say “anonymous” lackadaisical receptionist who most certainly is drinking a strong brewed cup of Joe! Poor waiting room guy. But wait! He may deserve the brush off, since he is a “perv!

    • Yes, this may have been an alter ego for me… well the bustier part anyway! Although I do work in an administrative position and could think of many who deserve to be treated this way… whether they enjoy it or not!

      • Well, it is in all good fun and made me laugh out loud! 😀
        I may not comment, going off the grid. Sometimes a stop at Starbucks or Tim Horton’s may mean free Wi-Fi, Marissa! Then, I will check in. . . ta ta for now ❤ as some Winnie the Pooh writer may have had a character say. . . .

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