Pretty Clothes


I’ve been floating in 1975
Between Mick Jagger and Stayin’ Alive
Cause that old Beatles haircut just would not do
Said Johnny Rotten so I died it blue

With old bell bottoms from my mom
Put on my shades and I’m Elton John
With platform shoes so fine and showy
I must be Prince or David Bowie

imgres                                IMG_3113

Verse 2:

I’m feeling a little bit down these days
I dress like John Lennon in his heroin phase
My sister’s dressed up just like dead great eccentrics
Somewhere between Joplin and Hendrix

My mother she laughs at my short little skirts
And wonders why I rip all my tee shirts
Searching the wardrobe for that perfect blouse
And if I don’t find it well I don’t leave the house

images-2           IMG_3112

Verse 3:

On a shopping spree of the Lower East Side
I pack all my bags as I swallow my pride
I’ll haggle I’ll bargain I’ll buy it by mail
Just blindfold and guide me to a sign that says sale

Lookin’ all over for my pretty stuff
And no matter how much its never enough
Cause I’m lookin so fine from my head to my toes
I never have money but I always have clothes

images          IMG_3118


Go go boots seersucker suits
Consult my wardrobe dye my roots
Bell bottom blues front page news
Psycho psychedelic hues
Color me silver color me gold
But never mess my pretty clothes

I’ve been a bit braindead this weekend so decided to post lyrics from a song from my old band Sisters Grimm.

96 thoughts on “Pretty Clothes

  1. Love the song, love the photos, … together they are brilliant 🙂

    My favourite is the black leather jacket combined with pink parachute pants and purple Converse hightops! Yes, you are lookin’ fine 🙂

  2. The trouble is my idea of ‘daring fashion’ is probably wearing socks that aren’t dark blue. As a teen I had a pair of purple flares but they didn’t last long. Been a T shirt and jeans man all my non-working life 🙂

    • I doubt it. My sister would never be in to it. Right now I play in a band with my family..meaning my husband, son and daughter. That’s probably as much of a comeback as I’m likely to make.

  3. I am a day late to the party, Marissa!! My goodness I love these photos of your stylish clothes, not at all dated around me who lived through these years a little older than you! I enjoyed these lyrics now where’s the recording? I would love to hear this with your band blazing behind the lyrics!! You have beautiful hair and a nice thin body. You were amazing and are still gorgeous inside and out!

  4. Thank you for making me miss music more than I already did. No, seriously . . . thank you. I’m not being a wiseass. For once. I really mean this. Thank you. Really.

    Okay, don’t believe me.

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