One Woman’s Trash

Oh to me talk me discarded frock
With stories no one knows
Let’s go mingle to the lingo
Of discarded clothes

And without fail I’ll tell your tale
Great polyester find
My fingers track the thrift store racks
And so I read your mind

An open back sure has the knack
A sexy look for sure
But if it’s frigid things go rigid
Now where to put that bra

And watch the incline on those heels
Though absolutely stunning
Pained back and toes they had to go
I could have seen that coming

A tank dress always spells success
When one is keeping cool
So rayon fine, linen divine
But this one is black wool

A cummerbund that’s since been shunned
A shoe made like a slipper
A cocktail dress that might impress
If I could reach the zipper

This sequin one will come undone
Watch you don’t pull that thread
Or sweater set if I could get
This damn thing past my head

I fin’ly see the one for me
I tell you she’s a charmer
The price is right fits nice and tight
I say “come home with mama”

It seems perfection but obsession
Nags me til this day
If it’s so great what was it made
Someone give it away?


69 thoughts on “One Woman’s Trash

    • No problem! Yes, I can go into these thrift stores and go into the dressing room with armloads of clothing. After I try them on I realize why no one wanted them. Very disappointing but I always manage to get some great finds as well.

  1. I’ll leave the dresses on the rack… maybe a raspberry beret instead? Love the rhyme scheme, Marissa, esp the internal rhyming. High difficulty factor, superb execution! πŸ™‚

  2. Great verse as per your norm, but I’m never going to figure out how it is you always seem to know just what people are feeling! You’ve made a whole blog doing it!

  3. Your word choices were great, Marissa. The mingle to the lingo had a certain Caribbean beat to it. πŸ™‚
    Thrift store sweaters don’t work too well, too short on body and long in sleeves.
    I love thrift store dresses, rarely worn and unique styles. The jeans are nicely “worn in” while originals would cost ten times the price. I buy thrift store feather boas, purses and hats for my daughter’s two mannequins, Marissa. I gave her a pearl, with gold clasp, beaded purse for her 35th b’day in March. One which had money inside to buy something she may like to choose on her own. πŸ˜‰

    • Oh wow! Here’s to hoping she found the money! Ha, ha! Yeah, sweaters don’t age too well and you certainly can’t hang them for too long. Why does you daughter have mannequins? I’m curious to know.

      • Carrie was in back stage theater in high school, went to art college and liked a project to use inanimate objects. She did it like in the “Mannequin” movie with comedy-romance in it. She borrowed these from an elderly legend here in town. She also did a project with real people half dressed or twisted in weird ways, as “broken Barbie’s.” Carrie borrowed a gold painted mannequin with legs crossed sitting on an antique corner cabinet, another 1/2 black felt mannequin. It looks like velvet and was used to display women’s fancy necklaces. She was friends with a crazy lady who had a downtown thrift store, named Captain Betty. The woman had made friends in her early years with real rock band members and when they came to town, would check out her antique jackets, ruffly blouses and purple velvet pants. Like the Beatles in their red military jackets or Michael Jackson in Thriller leather jacket. I am not sure if her family wrote the stories down, maybe I will look this up and get back to you. In her shop there definitely were Bruce Springsteen, Def Lepperd and Eric Clapton photographs signed “to Betty.”
        Anyway, Carrie likes unique clothes so she would get costumes and get reimbursed by theater director. She went there over college breaks, too.
        One day, Betty asked my daughter would she like to keep the mannequins she had borrowed for her project? Apparently, Betty had cancer but Carrie didn’t take more clothes, due to concern of looking like she had used or taken advantage of her. If this answer is too long, you can delete this, Marissa. πŸ™‚

      • Oh, no problem and thanks for taking the time to write. What a fascinating lady Captain Betty is (or was?? Did she make it??). I wish I had gotten a chance to visit her store.

  4. I almost did a post entitled “Airing my dirty laundry” as I’ve recently sold some of my Victoria’s Secret lingerie on eBay. I’m actually pretty private, so I just couldn’t bring myself to do it (I’m not Rob!). I personally, would never buy a used teddie, but there are buyers for everything! Just today, I shipped off a satin bustier to a man. There’s either gonna be a great drag show or one pissed off female recipient!

    • Okay, first of all, I knew you’d come through with a great story for this one Kim. You don’t disappoint. So here’s what I will buy at thrift stores…bras. I go to a store that has second hand clothing but just what was bought for TVs and movies so it’s not like someone’s dirty bra but they have Victoria Secret bras for like $10!! I also did one by a bra off Ebay. You need to good stuff and I can’t see spending like $50 on a bra!

  5. One Woman’s Trash… haha… so true… I donΒ΄t usually buy on thrift stores as they are awful where I live… there are good ones Downtown… but it i a long way and I barely go with those intentions… either way, I sometimes exchange clothes with my cousins who are younger than me but with similar bodies- I am quite petite- and this poem truly reminded me of our clothing adventures…
    Sending best wishes. Happy weekend ahead, dear Marissa. Aquileana πŸ™‚

  6. The UK equivalent is known as the ‘Charity Shop’, amazing what you can find and as you said you can go in looking for one thing and come out with something completely different and if you’re unhappy give it back another day and the money goes to charity, my Sis-in-law clothes the children from her local ones!

    • Sounds sinus to our Goodwills and Salvation Armies. This one was inspired by a thrift shop chain called Crossroads. They will actually buy clothes from you and if you’re not happy you can sell them back… albeit at a fraction of what you paid!!

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