One Day I’ll Find A Body

When every leaf is a dead body
Of the rodent caste
And each discarded rag a pigeon
That has long since passed

The sidewalks telling stories of
A jaded negativity
A rope sentenced as guilty for
Weird sexual activity

A pair of old discarded boots
Left lonely in the street
I’m sure each hold their designated
Now dismembered feet

All typical of just another
Walk on my work day
When I see an old used condom and
Just ponder “How cliche”

A bit of a departure for me but a true rendering of my break-time outings at work ever since my office moved from an upscale neighborhood in Sherman Oaks to an industrial ghetto in Van Nuys. Highlights have included a rat scurrying under my sandaled feet and a man driving by who pulled up to me to ask if I was ‘working’. The image below is an actual street view, but the office is buried all the way in the back of the lot and I think the picture doesn’t near do the disgustingness of the place justice. Maybe next time I can embed the smell.



94 thoughts on “One Day I’ll Find A Body

    • Yes, I’m not sure how this one came across. Actually, all of this is quite funny in my head when I’m walking around…you know, looking at a pair of discarded boots and thinking that there’s dismembered feet in there. I knew it wouldn’t come across as funny as some of my others but thought I might try for something different.

  1. O… M… G!!! That is aweful! Reading your poem made me think that this time you are more than serious and then your explaining words and the streetview (very cool to add that btw.). Since when are you working there, Marissa? I can vividly imagine that the view doesn’t do justice to the real scenery!

  2. Another day in the life of Marissa. Forgo embedding the smell. Your words alone are enough for me to picture and smell them. Btw, couldn’t see an image. Maybe my iPhone couldn’t read it?
    Why oh why did you have to move?!

    • Well, to be honest, I don’t have to leave the office at all but after sitting at a desk at a mostly slow paced job for 6 hours, I feel like I have to get up and move around and always feel a lot better after I do.
      So far I’ve found the bodies of a very large crow and then a smaller bird. I actually had to call animal control to get rid of the crow. I knew if I didn’t it would stay there for days rotting and stinking up the place because it’s a no man’s land. I’m just waiting until I find a human body though.

    • Ha! Easier said than done as well you can imagine. Actually, I like my job and don’t really have to go out at all if I don’t want to but it’s a pretty boring desk job and I feel like I need to stretch my legs. I feel much better after I do as well….well, that’s assuming I make it back alive!!

  3. Oh my gosh….very vivid description. I’m sure moving to that new location was a bummer. This reminds me of working downtown on the outskirts of both Dallas and Houston, the things you ran across and the incredible stench!

  4. Welcome to my hood, Marissa! If you’re like me, you walk with your police grade pepper spray locked and loaded. Speaking of used condoms…D and I recently visited the Neuse River which is pretty to look at but notoriously polluted. Then we passed a “Sea Food” restaurant. We took turns grossing each other out. ” Our Catch of the day is Garbage fish served with tartar sauce in a used condom”. I made Derek dry heave when I said “That’s not tartar sauce!”

  5. I definitely remember the rat last summer and your toes touching it. yuck! The strange sights brought out a deeper sense of dark humor which has a touch of morbidness. I loved the tone and style!!
    Who was the director to Edward Scissorhands? Tim Burton would like the dark side of Marissa. . .

  6. Grrr – stupid computer. This is my 3rd attempt to leave a comment! Maybe this time I’ll be lucky.

    After I read your explanation at the end, the title made so much sense! This definitely doesn’t look like the type of neighbourhood where you can go for a relaxing walk in the fresh air and sunshine on a break. It’s really a letdown if you had been in an upscale neighbourhood before this!!
    Great idea to include a 360 view … with or without smell πŸ˜‰

    • Sorry for your computer woes. I usually have trouble like that on my iPhone.

      Yes, every time I go out there, that is what goes through my head. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate title!

  7. You’re right there is kind of a departure in your style in this, but I still sense that poetic-ness. Perhaps more so than usual. I love how well you capture the concrete, both in sense and in your new environment. Be safe out there!!!

  8. Hi Marissa,
    You visited my site this week, and I wanted to return the “blog love” and visit you. I didn’t know which post to click this or Facebook, so I will comment on both.
    This post: I teach the filth that characterized Europe in the Middle Ages and lead to the Bubonic Plague that killed millions. I flashed in on that unit when reading this.
    Facebook: First of all, photo was priceless. The poem: priceless! Publish it and make a fortune. So funny! Probably an element of truth there too.

  9. Oh Marissa! I loved this. I knew you had this side in you. Plus – you’ve captured my mood this morning…wandering through the ATL airport and trying to pin stories on blank faces.
    Yes, I love your comedic satire–but, I definitely would love to see more of this side, too. You have lots a stories behind that beautiful smile πŸ™‚

  10. Marissa – your post is showing the location and the area, I know both locations very well. I will go and enjoy shopping at the Sherman Oaks gallery and careful into driving to Van Nuys unless I am travelling from Maquire aviation.

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