A Convenient Inconvenience

I don’t want to see the dentist
No where no how no way
I think I will reschedule to
The 25th of May

The fateful day would roll around
I’d suddenly remember
I had to wash my hair so I
Rebooked to late December

But oh what was I thinking with
The holidays and all
Don’t think I’ll be available
Til next year in the fall

So we’re all good for October
Of 2017
But then I realized that that was
Right before Halloween

I’m gone for most of the next year
Which seemed a great relief
It didn’t seem like a good year
For me to clean my teeth

The two years after that there is
A highly likely chance
But don’t you know they just don’t book
That far off in advance

Which I find unacceptable
In fact it’s just horrendous
So now I’ll have to find the time
To choose a different dentist

Which puts it off for 5 years more
Well that would be my guess
And chances are that by that time
I won’t have no teeth left.


84 thoughts on “A Convenient Inconvenience

  1. Do I actually get to be the first commenter here? Gotta get up pretty early in the morning to do that!! I love this and sending to my son in dental school. Rhyming dentist with horrendous!! How do you think that stuff up?!!

  2. I dread the dentist! My son goes every 6 months, cleaning, the works. I, like you so delightfuly rhyme it, will make any excuse to avoid…then I have to go running there in a crisis 🙂

  3. Definitely have your finger on the pulse here, Marissa…..I don’t know anyone who actually ENJOYS dental visits. Great verse.

  4. Totally love your post as I shared the fear of dentists. I managed for a very long time without having to go to the dentist other than for a cleaning of the teeth 😀

  5. Hmm…I’m not sure how you did it, but you managed to write a poem about me. “I can’t call the dentist right now because I’m busy.” — 8 hours later — “Oh darn, the dentist office is closed now.”

      • No, I didn’t to be honest. But I have to admit that I am really spoiled. I never had major issues other than braces and removing 3 of my wisdom teeth. But then again, the removal of that third one was so nasty that I kept the 4th one… lol!
        Due to my kids I have been at the dentist all the time… all of them have/had braces. What is killing me most at the dentist is always that boring waiting…. lol

      • Oh yes, waiting is never fun! Well, great luck with your teeth then. My history is pretty good but I have had a couple of cavities. My son had braces and is already done. For my daughter…the verdict is still out!

      • I think waiting is even worse when you expect a certain “treatment”. So good luck with your teeth too 🙂
        My youngest one is almost through with the braces… getting removed this month… I am so glad! I cross my fingers that your daughter doesn’t need any!

  6. Hehehehehehe SO many people can relate to this. Who likes going to the dentist? I know I don’t. But I do get my teeth cleaned every 6 months minus the flouride polishing. I avoid flouride like the plague. It interferes with your ability to connect to Spirit. Flouride is also a poison that the Germans used to gas their prisoners with. True. So, yes, I avoid flouride. 🙂

      • So the FDA says it is safe in small quantities? Really? Poison is poison is poison. We found a harsh cleaner in an organic cheese used as a preservative. We couldn’t believe it. Again the FDA claims in small quantities it is harmless. I don’t know about you but I am not about to take the chance.

      • Marissa, I was mistaken, PUR filters do not take flouride out of the water. I was under the impression that they do. Only, it seems, they take out metals and chlorine. I”m glad we had this conversation because now I will be looking for another filter system. Buggers!! There is always something or so it seems! ❤

      • My sister has given me some information that I am checking out regarding devices that do take out flouride and chlorine and metals. I have some research to do. Sorry about the the mix-up, Marissa. It’s a good thing this conversation happened because I looked on the PUR box and was shocked it does not take out flouride.

  7. This sounds so much like me, I hate the dentist in such a way that every time I go to a new one, I’m very clear in my commentary to them… My hierarchy of evil goes: the devil, dentists… and every now and then, they switch places. Oh, and the second stanza third line you switch tenses, it should be I’d/rebook (which you may have done on purpose for syllable count, but just wanted to make sure you knew)

  8. Oh no! 😦 I cannot believe I missed this story on Friday, Marissa!
    You sound like me except I go to the dentist to keep my teeth. I also like they write me a great excuse letter which covers the next day, too. Any reason to get out of work! 😉

    • Well, I’m guessing you have a lot of sick days then! I actually like to take care of my teeth and pride myself that they are still pretty white and mostly healthy. I just really don’t like anyone poking around in my mouth!

  9. I can soooo relate to this. But I have sore tooth, as don’t know how long I can keep putting off seeing a dentist.

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