My Imaginary Friend

I had a best friend helped me out
Of sticky situations
Even though her origin
Was my imagination

At crowded movies if the seat
Right next to me was bare
I’d say “sorry my imaginary
Friend is sitting there”

If conversations were a bore
And went on with out end
I’d be saved by a call from my
Imaginary friend

If I was eating ice cream someone
Thought was meant for two
“I’m sharing with my unseen friend
Who’s come down with the flu”

Some people didn’t like her but
I think they were plain evil
Haters with something against
Imaginary people

So besties we were for some time
Til hit with rotten luck
My imaginary friend was run down
By a big Mack truck

I did my best to save her flattened
There in the concrete
Guess the driver didn’t see her when
She was crossing the street

And now my friend is dead and gone
And my whole world is black
I never could imagine how
I’d try to bring her back

And days go by still don’t know
How I’ll go on without her
For I despise to socialize
Perhaps I just won’t shower.

This post is dedicated to and partially inspired by Bitter Ben and our countless blogversations about imaginary everything.


94 thoughts on “My Imaginary Friend

  1. Ah yes…everyone needs an imaginary friend…it really is the only way through life! I never contemplated where imaginary friends go when they get hit by a Mack truck though…….very creative, Marissa.

  2. Love it, especially that you couldn’t revive her or bring her back after the accident. Maybe you could check your imagination and see if she has a twin? Great job, Marissa, you have a gift! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yikes. I can’t touch this one. I had enough trouble with the real world without trying to figure out the imaginary one. Imaginary friends wouldn’t have anything to do with me :/

  4. This is super good marissa. Too cute, never had an imaginary friend but see where they can come in handy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Imaginary friends have been replaced by smartphones. Creepy guys and awkward strangers stand no chance against Siri. “So sorry, I’ve got to take this call, it’s an emergency.”

    • Hasn’t Siri said out loud to you, “I didn’t call. I am not taking out your trash either. Get rid of him your own self.” Then Siri slaps me around a couple times. If you’ve never been slapped around by Siri, you have not been slapped around. Man, she can be vicious. Oh, sorry. That’s not Siri. That’s my Muse. I confuse them ever so often. Now i’m on the bad side of both of them.

      • Yeah, Siri usually stays on the right side of my phone. Plus, mine is a guy so I think any slapping around would be highly inappropriate. Now, my muse on the other hand…

  6. You have my sympathy. I do understand your loss. I had such an imaginary friend. But he liked to showoff. One day he picked up a piano. A Steinway. He lifted it above his head. Then it flattened him. So sad. So sad. All my imaginary friends have gone tragically. I’ve been to so many imaginary funerals that I am just about cried out. I would ask you to be my imaginary friend. But I don’t want to jinx you.

    • I had a friend back in middle school and she was obsessed by the idea of getting hit by a Mack truck. Like ‘If I’m lying, may I get hit by a Mack truck’ and on and on. I don’t think I ever got it out of my head.

  7. Oh there it is. I was too busy doing work stuff yesterday to do my way more important blog work. Apparently my imaginary friend that was in charge of the blog didn’t do his job.

  8. I really liked the great rhymes like evil with people, along with using the friend to get out of things. Funny ways you had the imaginary friend be a great “excuse!”
    I had an imaginary sister, since I had 2 brothers. My Mom has an imaginary King Snake which is nice to people but kills other snakes.
    My oldest two, Carrie and Jamie had an imaginary Tigger, from Pooh’s friends. He was naughty and took off his seat belt along with jumping out of the car!
    There is a very sweet movie, with a little dramatic title, “Drop Dead, Fred.” A girl outgrows her imaginary Fred. We all really liked it, Marissa. Show it to anyone who is tiring of their imaginary friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That does seem like a fun movie. I sure like the title. Is that a children’s movie? Maybe my kids would like it. Strangely enough, I never had an imaginary friend. Probably because I was very close to my twin sister.

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