Famous Fictional Couples-Where Are They Now?

imgresJack Sprat would eat no fat
His wife would eat no lean
‘Til Mrs. Sprat got really sick
Of being size sixteen
She traded all that fatty food
For a much lighter fare
And much to Mr Sprat’s chagrin
She ate his cupboard bare
But not for aggravation would
He soon decide to dump her
Oh what to do with a size two?
He liked his women plumper.



05ae302b8f85d955fc82939e748d3840Danny and Sandy were to marry
Things were hot and flirty
Their mamas said “Dears college first
You both are pushing thirty”
And so they went to different states
Dan said “I won’t forget ya”
Came day or two twas “Sandy who?”
Cause Alice hand jived better
Then came the sixties and free love
The years of ‘feed your head’
As Sandy gobbled mushrooms and
Toured with the Grateful Dead
So question love’s claim to success
Attested in a song
That credits couple’s chemistry
To ‘Ramma lam ding dong’.


These were written in response to a prompt I found on the  Once Upon Your Prime blog. The original prompt can be found here. You’ll see it’s for a writing contest and they are offering an honest to god cash prize. Unfortunately, on closer inspection, I found that it’s past the deadline…and they don’t accept poetry. Oh well, still a great prompt! And here is Stephanie’s entry: Could Captain Von Trapp & Maria Be Headed for Divorce?

86 thoughts on “Famous Fictional Couples-Where Are They Now?

    • 16 Candles. It’s that the one with “whatsa happening hot stuff?” I’ve seen so many of these movies they all start to bleed together in my mind with just The Breakfast Club standing out…and that may be because I’ve seen it 85 times. In any case, I’d love to read your take.

  1. Hey, hey, hey– what do you you mean the deadline expired? I just paid my 12 bucks and entered yesterday so it better not have. I love what you did here! Are you sure they will not take poetry? Why don’t you write them out as regular prose and then, (if questioned) respond in your best Yenta from “Fiddler on the Roof” voice… “So? It happens to rhyme?!”

    • That is so weird. I just went back to the contest to try and cut and paste what I was seeing yesterday and it’s a totally different page!! You probably think I’m crazy but I swear I’m seeing something totally different today. Anyway, I would totally try the Yenta thing if not for the 12 bucks. You know what I can buy with 12 bucks?? I am Jewish you know!

    • I looked at the page again and it turns out that I didn’t miss the deadline. I don’t know what I was seeing but it’s still open if anyone is interested. They still don’t accept poetry though!

      • Yeah they can be rather specific like that. I’ve not entered any WordPress writing events, but I have sent in poetry and stories to literary magazines and e-journals. It’s a great deal of legwork and they are so finicky, I even wrote a humor post on submitting writing to them. I’ve gotten lots of certificates (participant, lol), but as far as cash, only $50 for a poem one time which explains why I’m not diligent about sending it in 🙂

      • Yeah, I can’t say I blame you. Well congratulations on the success you’ve had. I might try this one but there’s a $12 entry fee and you have no idea what I could buy for $12!!

  2. Hilarious! It really did require a suspension of disbelief to take them as teenagers. I just read something about most downloaded songs or something and a grease song is high up in the list. Ooooh ooooh oooh

  3. The two couples you chose have caused me to puzzle for years, Marissa. Thin men do sometimes enjoy women with meat on their bones. But I must say size 16 isn’t too obese, really. I went through a phase in my 40’s with cortisol building in my lower regions. . .
    Now, I would say the couple reaching thirties portraying teens did make me a bit uncomfortable.
    I laughed at both situations so much!

    • Thanks Robin! You’re not the first person to mention the size 16 but really I was most concentrated on looking for a rhyme so ….sorry to all I may have offended!! Glad I could make you laugh despite it all.

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