Resurrection Misperception

Every year they wait for me
And my divine perfection
They speak of the spring day when I
Will have my resurrection

But they don’t realize that they need
Not to wait anymore
For here I am this year just like
The many years before

I guess my form is disguised so
They barely do detect
Since I don’t really look like what
They have come to expect

One year I was granola formed
In a yogurt parfait
The girl just said “That looks like Christ”
And ate me anyway

Another time I came back as
A big filthy cockroach
Another as burnt offerings
On someone’s well done toast

A homeless man with shopping cart
And cardboard sign and cup
I tried to speak the scripture and
They tried to lock me up

Once as a punk with combat boots
Hair spiked every which way
The psalms did not fit to the tune of
‘Anarchy in the U.K.’

A street hustler out making deals
On cheap Armani suits
A worm, a rat, a sunflower and
Transvestite prostitute

And so each year I cringe to think
Of my wordly reunion
‘Is that the same mouth that you use
When you’re taking communion?’

But maybe this year will surpass
How other years have been
Perhaps this year I will come back
As a Kardashian

No goofy comment about coming back to life as a house cat!

No goofy comment about coming back to life as a house cat!

81 thoughts on “Resurrection Misperception

  1. I was almost thinking, this time, Marissa goes like: “Hey, don’t be that superficial!” but I would have been surprised if there had not been a twist at the end! Great!

  2. In drink, in the company of good friends some little time ago I advised to one and all the perfect thing to come back as…so, so perfect! Problem here is I cannot tell you…much too rude for one like you, as pure as the driven snow as you indeed are! Sorry about that

  3. Jesus coming back as a Kardashian is the 6th sign of the Apocalypse. And Donald Trump winning the presidency will be the 7th. God help us before the world crumbles into the abyss. Love it, well done, Marissa.

  4. You’ve actually hit on a topic I’ve often wondered about. In this day and age, how would we ever know?!!! I do like your theory about coming back as the one thing anyone would least suspect 🙂

  5. Hi Marissa…As usual—your posts are’ Pure Poetry.’ And! If you—happen to—someday return to this Spin-Twirl—world—skip Kardashian —just return as You—OK!…Wishing you a Wonder–full day…Phil

  6. Hmmmmm ….. Even though wrote in jest there is more truth in this then what you would think. Brilliant poem, Marissa. Let’s face it …. this world is definitely going to hell in a hand basket. As for Christ, poor guy cannot be found ’cause people have turned their backs on him. No wonder they don’t know what he looks like. 😉

    • I know. There’s definitely an underlying message of ‘be nice because you never know who you’re talking to’. I was leading towards an ending like that at first but couldn’t resist an ironic twist!

  7. I love how you know the yogurt image and burnt toast one, too. There are resurrection signs in all the weirdest places, as well as reincarnation ones. The cockroach may be both. . . just saying! 😉

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