How’s That Working Out For You?

Suzanne looked in the mirror spoke
Her daily affirmation
Best way to start her day her need
For her self validation

She said “With the earth and the stars
I’m happily in tune
And I am like a joyful breeze
That’s entering room”

And so a joyful breeze indeed
Most peaceful and content
If only she had showered and
Put on deodorant

Next day she mused “I am pain free
And so in tune with life”
Until making her breakfast cut
Her hand with a fruit knife

Said ‘F**k!’ about a hundred times
It made her late for work
Where she showed up with fruit juice and
Some blood stains on her shirt

Next day her image before her
Did once again appear
She said “I’m content with the girl
I’m seeing in the mirror”

When she noticed that on her chin
There clearly was a zit
And also the old jeans she wore
No longer seemed to fit

Next day’s reflection showed a girl
So far down on her luck
Said “I’m a complete loser today’s
Prob’ly gonna suck”

And so became her mantra because
Suzanne realized
Disappointment’s worse than to
Be pleasantly surprised


63 thoughts on “How’s That Working Out For You?

  1. LOVED THIS!! I always minimize myself because you are right, being let down is way worse than not expecting to come out ahead. PROFOUND and hilarious way to implement this sentiment. Plus I couldn’t resist…

    Suzanne looked one last time for any helpful hints,
    Maybe her skin, her lips, or places to meet a prince?
    “Mirror, mirror, 1 last tip as you sit upon my table?”
    “Yes” said mirror, “Snow White is hotter and far more able!”

  2. Poor Suzanne! Did you time this for wednesday when its a thing to post quotes? (At least from what I’ve noticed on WP). If only she said her mantras like she really meant them…

  3. Sometimes, feeding myself affirmations (and basically lying to myself) actually do work out well for me. I’m not an outgoing person, so if I’m going to be around a bunch of people I don’t know, I’ll just “pretend” to be outgoing and confident (and tell myself I am), and somehow I’m able to do it. Fake it ’til you make it, so to speak.

    But yeah. I can totally see where affirmations can often backfire or even make the problem worse.

  4. So funny take on affirmations. Loved it, Marissa. My mantra recently changed to “Trust the weaver.” I’m not too sure if the universe’s weaving skills are on my side. Ha ha!

  5. Oh no! The story where finding out the “Truth hurts” and new mantra includes, “Bite me!” This may be shelved next to your “Black Thumb” tale of death to plants, Marissa. It also could be next to my “first edition” of the Lonely Hearts Club.

  6. OH OH! I hope you don’t feel that way about me, Marissa. Gee, I never thought anyone would want to punch me out for looking at the glass half full. How about “Kiss my ass?” Will that do? LOL

    • Of course not Amy! This one’s really more about people who think saying things are going to change their situation, rather than acting on them. Kiss my ass is a terrific one!!

      • GRIN!!!! It puts my teeth on edge those who just TALK. You have no idea!! I’m all about action! Yes I do think first then act. LOL I have a sis who all she says is, “I must first pray about this and see what God says.” Well, um, gee, our Journey here is all about making our own decisions that empower us. Yes it is wise to seek Guidance in whatever form you know, but to NOT act ….. Drives me bonkers!!! Hehehehehe Wowza! I’m all wound up getting ready to see this Chiropractor. I hope he has his rubber gloves today because my energy is zinging!!! Tee hee ……….

      • Oh yes, I forgot it was chiropractor day for you. You must let me know how that turns out. I always self adjust and I love it although I hear it’s not always safe. As for the rest, yes, I agree, it’s nice to have faith but no to lose awareness that we are ultimately responsible for our own fate.

  7. This reminds me of Stu from SNL.
    “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it…people like me!!”
    I’m afraid that my heart is too dark for positive affirmations 🙂

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