Pop Star

She thought she’s do a solo project
Thought she’d lose the clowns
Who stifled her creatively
And only weighed her down

Regurgitated some old riffs
And no one would be wiser
If she added drum machines
And a synthesizer

Wore a see through jumpsuit that
Was made of fishnet mesh
Sequined grapes covered her crotch
Some pasties at the breasts

Learned some simple hip hop moves
To keep up with the fad
Hired dancers that seemed not
To make her look too bad

And even though not needed they
Thought it most opportune
To make it more commercial by
Adding some autotune

And when they’d ask ’bout her new stuff
She’d call it country funk
With classical and jazz thrown in
Of course a bit of punk

But soon enough the jig was up
As she climbed to the top
She’d given up, surrendered to
Be labeled simply pop

And in just a few years from now
Your kids prob’ly won’t get
The irony of what they find
Scrolling the internet

And finding the old pictures will
They ever understand
Why that pop star looks just like the girl
Who played in that rock band


77 thoughts on “Pop Star

  1. You actually handled this complex topic so simply, gracefully and humorously ! Most mainstream and commercial music today is so superficial and not the kind that would stick with one for a long time..

  2. Enjoyed this no end, but then I have managed rock artists for years and oh do I know about those who think they can make it solo once the spot-light is on them. Such fun, thanks. x

    • Yes, she’s definitely one who abandoned her roots even though she was never really a rock star. There are so many types of sell outs, it was hard to focus on just one. Not to mention, those who do solo projects that end up sounding exactly like the bands they left to do their solo projects!!

  3. This is hilariously fabulous. .kinda reminds me of Madonna and her gold grills. The Rock Guy and I always joke about the singer with an ego who thinks he/she is the band or the only one who matters in the band 🙂

  4. This losing the band and then trying to substitute “synthesized sound” really irritates me about some of the bigger stars who “sell out,” Marissa. They do add different sounds to their repertoire, thinking country or rap is “selling” or “in style.” I prefer new or old rock and roll, thank you very much! 😀
    So glad you wouldn’t do such a thing, honesty and integrity are yours!! Smiles, Robin

  5. Marissa, much truth amongst the giggles with this one. I look back and sadly I see more genuine talent back when then I do now. I listen to the music today and ask, “What IS that?” And the promotions, *insert eye roll* and the money end of it all, is out of this world nutso! I like good ole rock and roll, not hard, but classical. And when I listen that is when my soul knows, now that is music! It’s ridiculous today, isn’t it? GREAT rhythm with this one, my friend, and oh the cleverness rocks on. Very cool!!!! 🙂

  6. Fishnet mesh with sequined crotch grapes and nipple covering pasties? Not just a writer it seems. Fashion designer also?!!

  7. Thing is this is an improvement for some of those who are doing pop these days. And many of them are making millions while doing it. I’ve thought for a long time that one way to get rich is to market to thirteen year old girls.

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