The Understudy

I was the understudy so
Assigned to study under
And chomping at the bit I wait
In hopes to steal her thunder

For if something should come up, you know
Just by happenstance
I’m sure that I could be a star
If just given the chance

The stairs she descends every night
They’re awfully steep and narrow
So a wet floor, a little shove
As I wait in the shadows

And so while she recuperates
I earn my due respect
But nare did I anticipate
That she would break her neck

But all was good, my career rose
To heights quite monumental
And so sad that our star was lost
Her death ruled accidental

Now I’m an actress of some note
Oh the sweet irony
To have my agents, and someone
Who understudies me

Yet there’s something quite haunting that
I see within her stare
A certain kind of hunger sure
I know it from somewhere

A vague something or other that
I just can’t seem to place
But makes me choose the elevators
Over the staircase

Until that day I hear the news
That someone gave a tip
About that fateful day there was
That accidental slip

And so at the rehearsal I
Am waiting in the wing
Policeman asks would I come down
For some questioning

And before I know it they
Have locked me in a cell
As for my understudy, yes,
I hear she’s doing well.


70 thoughts on “The Understudy

  1. And all shall be revealed! It might take years though. Just like those I read on the news who’ve been released from prison and exonerated from the crimes they did not commit.

  2. Have you ever seen the Godawful abomination that is the movie Showgirls? This reminded me of a scene in that (which I am pretty sure is taken from All About Eve), but in a much, much better way than the movie!!

  3. Ins´t it ironic, as the song says…
    I love these verses:
    “For if something should come up, you know/Just by happenstance
    I’m sure that I could be a star/If just given the chance”
    They inmediately made me think of another song by Amy Mac Donald, called Pretty Face, which says: “You’ll never know who you’ll meet on your way to the top
    You’ll probably see them again when your fame starts to drop
    Down down, I’ll meet you on the ground”…
    Anyhow… very well put my friend… Love and best wishes. Aquileana 💫.-

  4. Oh no, you didn’t do this on purpose! I will swear it was an accident, be your character witness, Marissa!
    I know the hunger of being an understudy in high school plays but eventually decided to try out to be the student director. Oh, the “power” in this role almost went to my head! 😉

    • Thankfully I was never an understudy but I never went fur the starring roles anyway since my sister always wanted them and I didn’t want to compete. Now, student director sounds interesting although I probably would have made some heads roll!

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  6. Got to love irony. Wait, is it ironic? It’s not like rain on wedding day… and since I base my definition of irony on that song… you can tell why I don’t understand it.

  7. I don’t have an understudy but have my eye on the boss, pity if she should …meet with some misfortune. Funny stuff, girl.

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