Someone’s Gonna Pay

My brow is furrowed eyes are steeled
My outward ammunition
My lips are locked to what you’d call
An upward snarl position

My dialogue is limited
To grunts and moans and mixed
With lots of exclamation points
Pound signs and asterisks

No telling what I’ll do when I
Feel so black in my heart
Might stalk old ladies at close distance
With my shopping cart

Might make some cookies and with anger
Gulp down the whole batch
Might tell Joan from accounting that
Her outfit doesn’t match

Might honk at some pedestrians
I see out in the street
Return half eaten food to Ralphs
Say I lost the receipt

And if I see you laughing then
I’ll fix you with eye rolls
Tell you I found my fish this morning
Face up in the bowl

I might put some brat’s favorite toy
Up on the highest shelf
And tough luck to my boss he can
Make copies for himself

Might put glue in your hairspray or
Into your shoes some snails
Might send out five or six or more
Harshly wrote emails

And then I guess we’ll have to see
Just how tomorrow goes
Just sayin’ that there best be milk
For my Cheerios.



87 thoughts on “Someone’s Gonna Pay

  1. Hehe!!!! I guess we all know that feeling when we are so angry and just (as you say) need someone who pays for us. And it makes even angrier when we get said that it was our own fault! Oh, how I love your poems, Marissa!

  2. I love this. When I’m in that mood, I fantasize about going on Facebook and making mean comments on other people’s happy statuses. Lol. I’m going to have to save this one so I can re-read it on a bad day πŸ™‚

    • Yes, that’s kind of what I wrote it for. I recently had a whole tirade which my son had the misfortune of having to hear, where I just started commenting on other people’s posts with things like ‘who cares?’ and ‘if I see this one more time, I’ll vomit’. Of course none of those things actually ended up in print.

  3. Love it! When anyone I know is angry I tell them to send a harshly worded email. I, myself, have written a few, but deleted before I sent. Just need that purge sometimes. Now my mother…. she sends the damn thing! IN ALL CAPS. lol… Usually it’s to random companies that have wronged her. It’s the beauty of age, I suppose.

    • Oh yes, I’ve done that too. Not the best idea in a car but sometimes it’s just gratifying. Sleeping it off is probably the best thing, but these things often tend to keep me up at night…but then that’s my problem, isn’t it?

  4. Good evening. I’m here to make an irritating, time-consuming comment; having first ensured that I’ve “liked” the subject matter before doing so of course. After all, one doesn’t like to ride rough shod over WordPress Family regulations does one?

  5. I apologize, while at my Mom’s I did all kinds of things, groceries, laundry, helped her write Valentine’s cards we bought at Hallmark, making sure postage and labels were in place, cleaned out two drawers full of stuff she saves for me to blog about, maybe will use a couple of the articles, but boy! It was only December that I left her with two clean drawers! I am ranting along with you. But no one will pay for the stuff that really upsets me. They have a cleaning staff and there were several dusty places and the toilet area on the floor was not clean. My Mom has a little incontinence as she starts to sit down, saying no more. . .
    I liked the end and hope there was MILK for the Cheerios. πŸ™‚
    There better be some chocolate left where Marissa stashes it, or there will be more than this to pay for!!

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