Seance Conveyance

Let’s have a seance, come with me
It really won’t be scary
Eat cake with Marie Antoinette
Cocktails with bloody Mary

Let’s hold hands and explore the depths
Of eerie necromancy
Conjure up Sid Vicious and
Ask him if he killed Nancy

Let’s gossip with Joan Rivers for
The low down dirty scoop
Ask Andy Warhol what’s the deal
With the Campbells soup

Write poetry with Morrison
And lunch with Julia Child
Dress up with Liberace see
If we can cop his style

Tell Fred Rogers his cardigan’s
Forever inside out
Ask Edvard Munch what the hell
The dude’s screaming about

Make puns about losing your head
To poor old Anne Boelyn
Call up Jimmy Hoffa and say
“Hey, where have you been?”

And so we hold hands darken lights
The scene spookily set
And see the messages spelled out
With Oiuja board’s planchette

“Oh spirit please do show yourself
And say to me your name
Winehouse? Jackson? Marilyn?
Belushi? Kurt Cobain?”

I hear a phlegmy cough the smell
Of mothballs is distinct
She says ‘It’s your aunt Sylvie dear!”
Come on, what did you think?

I speak to you beyond the grave
It’s awfully hot in there
Plus I can’t rest not knowing if you’ve
Got clean underwear.”

'F-E-E-D-T-H-E-D-O-G . . . Hey that's spooky! Why would your granddad say that?'

‘F-E-E-D-T-H-E-D-O-G . . . Hey that’s spooky! Why would your granddad say that?’

68 thoughts on “Seance Conveyance

  1. PRICELESS! Your words made me feel nostalgic and wistful and longing to see many of the people you mentioned. Then, in true Marissa style, you zinged us at the end. What is it with the concern of clean underwear and our worried female ancestors??

  2. Ah, so I guess we’re doomed/charmed to deal with the same people in death as we did in life, eh? Hrupmf….I was so hoping to mix it up a bit! LOL. Great verse, Marissa, as always…

  3. Thanks for bringing back some fond, but creepy, moments playing Ouija board with my friends. Love the references that you chose, too! I think that the Exorcist stopped my Ouija board playing dead in its tracks. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I had wanted to write a ‘Dinner for the Dead’ poem for a long time but I guess it evolved into this. A bit simpler when you don’t have to account for the menu a suppose. There was a precious line in there about offering Amy Winehouse carrots and having her say ‘No, no, no.’

  4. Brings back memories for me….I used to play the board with my best friend in high school after school time in her bedroom. Thankfully we never “conjured” up anything for knowing my luck, it wouldn’t have been good ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh, a banquet with dear Julia Child who wasn’t a snob but a woman who overcame her awkwardness and found a good diplomat for a husband who supported her idea of culinary arts school.
    I would like to meet Amy Winehouse, too. Marissa, good ideas make me think of others who have been in the Great Band in the Sky for a long, long time. (Elvis, John Lennon without Yoko Ono to interrupt or be jealous.) I would think it would be curious about Sid and Nancy, too.
    I would like to be friends with Mister Rogers and know how Dr. Seuss came up with his crazy rhymes. I would adore time with many children’s authors, actually A.A. Milne and then Lewis Carroll and ask him if he smoked pot or ? like the Caterpillar and how else would he have seen the Chesire Cat? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You’ve just proven – yet again – that there doesn’t seem to be anything you can’t write a rhyme to!!

    All of it was a treat but the line “Call up Jimmy Hoffa and say โ€œHey, where have you been?โ€ is my favourite ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I love watching movies with seances especially in horror movies. Never done it – too chicken to try. But those foaming in the mouths… imagine if this were entitled dinner of the dead? Yipes!

  8. I would love to write poetry with Morrison, but I feel like he would be really un-collaborative. I bet you would be caring and sharing in a seance though. Let me grab my Ouija board! Oh that’s right, I haven’t gotten one made from that witch around the corner…yet.

  9. Your humorous name-dropping was amazingly creative. I’m glad that you brought them back for a laugh. Life can be too serious at times. We all need a Marissa to lighten things up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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