The More You Have…

Said a magic genie unto me
“I’ll grant to you one wish
Tell me what it is that brings you
Joy and happiness”

And I said “Oh yeah genie
If it isn’t too much hassle
I’d really love to live in one
Of them fine magic castles”

And so sprang up around me a
Great castle of some note
Complete with turrets, balconies
A dungeon and a moat

But joy and happiness elusive
As true love’s first kiss
For only if the genie came back
To grant one more wish

For the vast rooms, the curling stairs
Would take a whole new meaning
If he would be so kind to send
Someone to do the cleaning

Inspired by a blogversation I had with my friend Joanne at My Life Lived Full.


A Dilemma For The Ages

It rains, wind blows and comes untethered
The fragile joints of my umbrella
With human’s so advanced and clever
Technology that makes life better
Might we find ways to endeavor
To make one that’s well put together?

Inspired by El Nino visiting and proving, yes it does rain in Southern California; and also Brolly Out from my friend Maida at Traversing Lines.


The Grocery Shopper’s Bible

Thou shalt not try to check out on
The line that says express
Unless thy cart truly does have
15 items or less

Thou shalt treat fellow shoppers with
A kindness and compassion
And put your items on the belt
In a most timely fashion

And similarly if you are
Behind me in the line
Thou shalt not put your items up
‘Til I’m done putting mine

Thou shalt not stand in front of me
Thinking you’re pretty smart
And have Aunt Gladys come last minute
With a filled up cart

Thou shalt fill out checks in advance
And not attempt to rile
Shoppers by leaving unattended
Carts amid the aisles

So follow these commandments and
I guarantee you this
A spot in grocery heaven and
Eternal shopper’s bliss

If these commandments you do break
One thing to know for sure
Thou shalt not kill’s revoked for those
Scorned at the grocery store

Inspired by my friend Rob at V-Pub and his post The Big Freakin’ Bag.


Hypotenuseless Harry

Harry thought oh what’s the use
Of finding a hypotenuse
And never bothered with the notion
Of preimage or rigid motion

Dismissed it’s value in his life
Till wanting to find him a wife
A lovely girl asked was he able
To build for her a coffee table

But no means could he dare to wangle
No concept of congruent angles
All of it seemed so complex
He couldn’t comprehend vertex

He tried to dazzle her with sports
But could do nothing of the sort
In fact he clearly was inept
At grasping just basic concepts

At basketball he had no clues
To throw at angles called obtuse
And at baseball – a total waste
He couldn’t even find home base

They thought him a complete moron
Since he knew not a pentagon
Or maybe if he had the smarts
To get a job in graphic arts

All that remained a mystery
Could not find points of symmetry
Or any sort of transformation
Or the center of dilation

So Harry’s fate he would bemoan
He was destined to die alone
All because he failed to see
The value of geometry

Which could have been the key to save
Harry from his lonely grave
Where he forever laid to rest
Not knowing it’s height, width, or depth

My son had an extra credit project over the holidays to write a poem about how geometry comes in handy in every day life. This is my take on it.