Picky Nicky

It was me and Eddie going steady
Thought we were bound for life
Till I saw him eat a pizza slice
With a fork and knife

So then it seemed Tyler might be
Worthy of my affections
Til a Nickelback CD turned up
In his record collection

I thought Caleb was a solid guy
But it just wouldn’t do
That he couldn’t seem to name each guy that
Was in Motley Crue

On to Marvin who within my heart
I would hold near and dear
But then he ate a sandwich and
Got mayo in his beard

And Jeff I thought him a sure thing
Til it ended in shambles
When I found out in the summer he
Wore socks under his sandals

And Charlie smelled of play dough, Ted’s
Laugh sounded like a duck
And Grant was over when I found
His band completely sucked

I guess that I will just give up
On all my love affairs
And sleep with Mr. Wiggles my
Trustworthy teddy bear

He’s sweet and cuddly and so cute
And every night he’ll hug me
Although that bow tie that he wears
Is really starting to bug me.

Inspired by a blogversation I had with Andrew over at his Lonely Author blog. Thanks Andrew.


105 thoughts on “Picky Nicky

  1. Haha!!! Socks with sandals the male equivalent of wearing nylons with open toe high heels? Or wearing pantyhose with ANY heels actually? Loved this and if your latter beau trouble is really due to bow trouble, please send him my way…. I’ll taken him into my bed immediately. 😉

  2. What’s wrong with eating pizza with a fork and knife? LOL.
    I think in the case of Nicky, it might be harder to come up with a verse of the guys she would consider, huh?

      • I am the same as you when it comes to Led Zeppelin. Their first two albums were great. Then they went downhill from there. And I must be one of the few alive who remembers Uriah Heep.

      • Okay, first of all, I had a couple of Uriah Heep albums and my husband is a big fan.
        As far as Zeppelin goes, I love all their stuff until their last album. It’s funny though, I think when you are around to see a band’s decline it means a lot more. Like, my mother hated almost all of George Harrison’s solo stuff because it meant the break up of The Beatles whereas I don’t mind it. Same thing with you, me and Zeppelin and there are so many bands that I became disappointed with but my son loves almost all their music.

  3. Picky Nicky’s make wise choices 🙂 I laughed out loud (in a crowded airport) when I read how one smelled like play dough. OMG…that would be my would have been sixth grade boyfriend. LOL! Loved this!

    • Moody, dark, interesting. Honestly I enjoy something with a little more of a hook but may be good for a Sunday morning when I have to clean the house.

      Post punk? Didn’t know there was such a thing…is this to mean that if the Sex Pistols were still together today this is what they would sound like? Cause I would beg to differ.

  4. Eating pizza with a fork and knife should be against the law. Simple being deemed a socially unacceptable endeavor is letting the culprits off easy if you ask me.

    And mayo in the beard….man, that is an unpleasant visual going on there.

  5. Since Nicky is picky, I think she won’t go for Ricky with sticky hair. Still remember when the slicked-back, greasy-hair look was a rave. Of course, John Travolta did look good in “Grease.” Loved your poem.

  6. This sounds like my sorry love life, Marissa. My favorite bear is tan with a gold bow, the little ones like him. We just call him, “Teddy!”
    Your choices did show poor taste in food, (I agree, nothing but fingers for pizza) and for band knowledge.
    Seems you may as well stick with the hubby but if all else fails you have the bear, Mr. Wiggles. ♡

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