The Girl On The Bus

Charlie rode the bus each day
And as he traveled thus
In his commute he met a girl
Called The Girl On the Bus

And every day they’d talk and talk
And everyday he’d swear
That he did know Girl on the Bus
Though he knew not from where

And then one day it came to him
And he was simply floored
To find the Bus Girl was the one
He’d seen on the Billboard

And also in commercials
And in that sitcom scene
He even saw Girl On the Bus
In fashion magazines

So he saw this now Billboard Girl
Later on that week
It seemed the cat had got his tongue
So he could hardly speak

The Girl she had hurt feelings
Why was it Charlie hid?
She didn’t know what happened
(But she kind of did)

And so they never spoke again
Though both would think back thus
To a simpler time when she
Was The Girl on the Bus

This is an oldie for me, one I never published because I didn’t think it was funny enough. I was reminded of it because my husband brings my daughter to School of Rock every week and talks to another dad there. He finally figured out this guy was Oliver Hudson, as in Goldie Hawn’s son, as in Kate Hudson’s brother. Anyway, I decided to publish with a little revamping, although my husband swears he is not nervous to speak to the guy again.

RIP David Bowie


88 thoughts on “The Girl On The Bus

  1. This is really funny and cute one. It reminds me on my first crush when I was 11. As long as we were just school mates everyting was fine, but when we knew from each other that we had fallen in love we did not dare to speak with each other anymore. We were both so shy…

  2. RIP David Bowie ❤ ❤ ❤

    Sometimes anonymity works to someone's advantage especially when that person is known. When our masks come off we simply are the same in so many ways. This poem is a thinker, Marissa. It gets me to think that no matter the fame or the fortune, it should not matter. Yet, somehow, it does. ❤

    • Yes, it is funny and something to think about for sure. When these celebrities present themselves in every day life and just kind of act like any other guy, taking their daughter to music school, I don’t think we really think twice. Then all of a sudden we recognize them and we’re tongue tied!

      • See? How sad that really does happen. And these people probably really appreciate being treated as “normal”. I hope the tongue tiedness wears off and you are able to act as you did before you found out the “news”. 🙂 ❤

  3. The girl on the bus sounds romantic and mysterious. Starstruck, I have had that feeling when I met Alice Cooper, saying something lame, “Uh….I really like your music, blah, blah. ” I’ll bet living in L.A. is so cool in that regard. Great poem!

    • I’ve met a lot of famous people here and NY too. Once I was hanging out in The Roxy and Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden was there and he went up to me and my sister and said “You look like the two most interesting people in the place” and we had nothing to say. What a duh moment!!

      • Yep, there is just something about that…I guess we forget that celebs are people just like us, except more recognized with bigger bank accounts and more style. Diane Keaton was in our area a few years ago for Larry Mcmurtry ‘ s wedding. ..I was so hoping to run into her, but didn’t. I’m sure the conversation would have been a lot like A.C.

  4. This was a sweet girl on the bus story. I think being friends does create an easy going atmosphere but liking each other “for real” puts a level of “pressure” on the couple.
    I like this back story with your husband as a fellow parent. I have liked Oliver Hudson in a few different movies and shows. He may have been on the “O.C.” My youngest liked that show. I liked him on, “Rules of Engagement.”
    Marissa, I liked a guy in 8th grade, I had just moved to new house. I spent the year talking to another boy trying to get his attention. To this day, I don’t know why I didn’t directly talk to him! He wrote in my 8th grade yearbook, “Have fun with Larry.” There is a popular book (with a murder in the plot) called “Girl on the Train” which is going to become a movie. Your story is a much more intriguing plot.

    • Yes, I guess there are all kinds of reasons people might not talk to each other. Sometimes I feel like if you’ve known someone long enough and haven’t become friendly you never will. Thank you for your kind words. Not sure if this could be intriguing enough for a full length movie but I could see it as one of those animated shorts.

      • I like the idea of Tim Burton directing with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricchi, as characters. But she will be the starstruck girl and he will have tried to hide his true identity with a hat and sunglasses or . . . ? You will be in charge of the soundtrack, Marissa. If we are using imagination we need to go all the way! 😉

  5. poetry is never old… i found this rather real and profound in some sense than funny (bad sense of humor of mine? ) how it is easy to know less and be more than to know more only to be reduced to a little… sigh*

  6. I really loved this one, there was a time in the 70’s when working in central London that you used to see what were then just famous people, but are now called celebs, on public transport or just in the street being bothered by no one. Mick Jagger was one I saw being ignored, and I’ve shared a railway carriage with Terence Stamp ( iconic 60’s actor ), I also swear that I shared a rail carriage with Paul McCartney and some very attractive women ( he was wearing a muffler and hat so difficult to recognise properly ). I told him we’d arrived at Reading Station. I’m sure he remembers. As for dear David Bowie, it was reputed that he worked briefly at the same ad agency as I did, which was probably the least ‘cool’ agency in town. ( Before I got there ). See what you’ve done, set me off rambling.

    • No, it’s all very interesting stuff and a very impressive list. It’s strange how we tend not to recognize people when we see them out of context. Mick Jagger I find strange though. He has such distinctive features. Maybe people were just being polite.

  7. I am one of those clueless people who would unlikely recognize someone even if I fell over them.
    I guess that *starstruck* reaction is somewhat universal. Gilles once had Jacques Plante – a famous goaltender with the Montreal Canadiens – sit down beside him on a flight between Toronto and Montreal. Gilles was paralyzed the entire flight and unable to move, let alone say anything – very unusual for him since he is normally a very gregarious guy.

    • I am usually clueless when I see famous people as well. I used to work the coat check at a club and Matt Dillon would come in to hang out. One of the first times he came in he left his coat without paying (yes, he’s very arrogant) and I said “Hey, dude who looks like Matt Dillon, you forgot to pay!”
      And as for your husband’s story, I once met one of my idols, Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden, at a club here in L.A. He came up to my sister and I and said “You look like the two most interesting people in the place” and we couldn’t think of one clever thing to reply.

      • Your comment to Matt Dillon made me laugh! I don’t think I would have been that clever.
        I’m usually tongue-tied at the best of times, let alone being addressed by one of my idols. I feel your pain 🙂

  8. The Girl on the Bus is a sad but true comment on life and letting intimidation ruin the moment. Most celebrities, I have found, are people doing a job and making a living the best way they can. When she runs into a celebrity, my daughter always thanks him for following his bliss and giving us all the pleasure of it. Our family is well aware of the struggles an actor goes through to become successful in his craft. It takes a lot of determination and the ability to deal with rejection. I thoroughly enjoy your poem, Marissa. It’s one of your best.

  9. RIP, David Bowie. I just read an article about his soon to be released album, so it’s just so hard to fathom that he’s really not with us.
    I really enjoyed this poem, Marissa. It’s a thinker. I’m constantly people-watching and making up back-stories for complete strangers, but it’s different with celebrities because we already know much about them. I wonder if the girl on the bus or Oliver, watch people like us, and make up their own stories?

    • It’s possible. They probably would have a lot of stories getting approached by so many people, and a lot of weirdos too, I’m sure. It would be funny to study this in reverse… maybe in another poem.

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