The More You Have…

Said a magic genie unto me
“I’ll grant to you one wish
Tell me what it is that brings you
Joy and happiness”

And I said “Oh yeah genie
If it isn’t too much hassle
I’d really love to live in one
Of them fine magic castles”

And so sprang up around me a
Great castle of some note
Complete with turrets, balconies
A dungeon and a moat

But joy and happiness elusive
As true love’s first kiss
For only if the genie came back
To grant one more wish

For the vast rooms, the curling stairs
Would take a whole new meaning
IfΒ he would be so kind to send
Someone to do the cleaning

Inspired by a blogversation I had with my friend Joanne at My Life Lived Full.



83 thoughts on “The More You Have…

  1. Yeah!!! That is reality!!! Not this silly “Oh, I am a princess and live in a big castle, how beautiful… ” blablabla…. Cinderella showed it: princess for one hour, the rest of day: clean up the stories – one each day!

    • Yes, I don’t enjoy it either. I can’t imagine cleaning a huge house. We have a rather large apartment which I clean over the course of 2 days. Then, I don’t care how dirty it is, I won’t clean for the rest of the week.

  2. I was talking to a friend recently about a home in LA that was selling for 15o some odd million dollars with over 40,000 square feet. At that point, you’d need someone to clean or it would take all of the joy of having that magic castle!

    • Yes, we do have some mansion/castles out here. They are quite beautiful. I would only hope that someone who could afford a house that size could afford a staff to clean it. First world problems!

  3. Could you wish for someone to clean it too? Time to rent Rug Doctor ! Such a drag! Imagine how many windows to clean! It was already hard to clean my front windows! Only two!

  4. I liked this, the twist at the end. In my learning to try to like everything, cleaning is coming last, so far, so far

  5. I loved this Marissa!
    You captured the whimsy of genies and castles (two of my favs) and coupled it with reality. SO fitting as I come off of a seven-day vacation and piles of laundry!

  6. I really loved this one, Marissa. Totally was expecting loneliness; not wondering how to keep the dang thing clean!! πŸ˜€
    Joanne is a great inspiration and am happy to have become blogging friends recently. You are gracious, Marissa, for always letting people know how they got you thinking about a post. I appreciate this and it inspires me, too.

    • Loneliness might be a dilemma. Maybe one for another poem…or too sad maybe? Anyway, yes Joanne is a great blog friend. So glad you’ve ‘met’ each other. Always happy to give credit where it’s due.

  7. I was just watching “House Hunters” on HGTV, and these people were looking to buy castles. All I could think about was the housekeeping, and…the ghosts! “Clean moat,clean tower,burn sage.” Repeat. No thank you!

    • I was just talking to a friend of mine who lives in a 6 bedroom house. She said it takes her all day on Sunday to clean. I could only thank goodness for living in a 3 bedroom apartment….and no ghosts!!

  8. with that great castle, you could rent out rooms and get free cleaning and cooking and other things πŸ˜€
    beautiful and funny!

    • Yeah, go figure. This was one of those poems that came out of a real simple thought. Really have no idea why it got so many likes but this is the most likes any of my blogs have ever gotten aside from the one on my home page. I should probably give you a prize for being the 100th liker.

  9. Again you caught me with the ending. I definitely thought this was going the way of the tale of that poor old fisherman, his greedy wife and the magic flounder who granted wishes…..more and more and more, never satisfied until the wife wished to be made into God and bingo….they were poor again! But your ending had the messy zinger!

  10. I visited Skipton Castle in York in the UK in summer and I noted how very cold it was and there were no windows. Imagine how much colder it would be in winter! Loved this Marissa – genie-uenly funny! 🏰

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