70 thoughts on “Ice Slipping

    • Fro sure! I took my kids ice skating over the break. They set up a little rink in Burbank. I still have my ‘sea legs’ from many years ago. My kids…not so much (still learning). None of us actually fell though!

      • Glad you all made it home without any injuries! I used to love it and went with my dad once or twice a week ice skating over the winter. I must have been 7 or 8. I appreciated it mostly because we went in the evening and I could go to bed later!

      • Oh yeah, we’re all good. I used to go to a resort every year with my family in upstate New York that actually had an ice skating rink in it. I’m surprised I remembered after all these years. Of course I roller skated a bit too but that was all as a youngster. Apparently it makes for great memories for us though!

      • Yes, it seems☺ I never skated but it think it is different in many ways since it is not that “slippery”. I think once you knew how to you only need a bit practice but the basics stay. Like riding a bike.

  1. This Northerner has to admit that I don’t ice skate. At all. *Epically failing* would describe it perfectly.
    The only ice I will happily entertain involves an adult beverage.

  2. I love your poems which come out like rap lyrics. They must take a lot of work.
    I think this is a brilliant way of blogging, Marissa. Share a photo and so easy to write a short comment. I have started to do this the past six months and it has made my blogging experience much better.

    • I notice that your blogs have changed to a shorter format. I always find your blogs enjoyable.
      Actually, this one just came to me. It was a little bit of a challenge to find all the words that ended with -ailing, but flailing, railing and failing were all written well in advance.

  3. Hi Marissa, I just wanted to let you know that I’m back with another blog award, ha ha, so I will be mentioning you in my post. Of course, no action is necessary on your part. I certainly enjoy reading your blog. Happy new year again!

  4. Simply perfect. Its so interesting that your skating and I’m sanding. Feet in sand. Also, I found this funny, in your recent comments there is my photo, and then underneath Christy Anna’s, the comment above this one. It almost looks like an abstracted version of my gravatar?

  5. Thanks for the memories…la la la la la! Your poetic words brought me to wonderful, childhood experiences skating on frozen ponds. Never enjoyed skating in circles to music in an arena in later years. There’s something amazing about skating out in nature.

  6. This poem made chuckle for it took me back to the days when I when I would skate, unfortunately for me would always fall hard on my base. 😉

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