What Would Lemmy Do?

Lemmy he don’t really walk on water
But he just might sleep with your daughter
Aint’ gonna save your soul
He might save rock n’ roll

He came to earth on a motorcycle
And when he did he chose his disciples
Then they went to rehearsal
Fast Eddie Clarke and Wurzel

What would Lemmy do
What would Lemmy do
What would Lemmy do
Whatever it is he’d do it better than you

Lemmy’ll save us from terrorist attacks
With just a pipe and a shot of jack
He don’t use no nukes
He wears his daisy dukes

And Lemmy he might never make it to heaven
He’s got a Marshall amp that goes to 11
Try nailing him on a cross
And he’ll tell you to get lost (f*** off)

But Lemmy, he’s a good man
He’d give you the shirt of his back
He can make the starving a feast
From a burger and a shot of Jack
And when he speaks wisdom comes
That is so true so amazing
It frees your soul though you admit
You’ve no freaking clue what he’s saying

Lemmy wasn’t born in 4 B.C
It was a few years later you see
And now he’s living in sin
With Mary Magdelene

And there was no immaculate conception
He’s probably on his third resurrection
He’s comin’ back from the dead
To tour with Motorhead

These are song lyrics from our family band The Cheesebergens about our lord and savior Lemmy Kilmister. For those unfamiliar I am including a clip from his documentary.


71 thoughts on “What Would Lemmy Do?

  1. Lemmy’ll save us from terrorist attacks
    With just a pipe and a shot of jack

    … now that’s the stuff of legend! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the education on Lemmy and Motorhead!

  2. I’m unfamiliar with Lemmy, and will watch the doco later on today. On first account, it reminded me of The Lemmings. Also, love the name of your band Cheesebergens!

  3. I don’t know Lemmy. Have never met the guy either. I am familiar with Motorhead. I think I’ve seen it in my hubby’s records.
    But I am looking forward to hearing this song played by the Cheesebergens.

      • Marissa, there are few of those who play music like Lemmy. Straight from the gut, the whiskey sounding worn out voice which keeps up with the fast hitting rock beat. He definitely set the rock and roll world on fire and keeps on going. I understand better why your family admires him, too. Thanks for saying I could be your neighbor, Marissa. Listening to the Bergens would be good wake up music. No need for my java jolt! πŸ™‚

      • Funny, you seem to be one of the few who actually know who he is. When I published this, I was a bit concerned with alienating readers who didn’t know him but was surprised at how many actually did not!! Anyway, you seem to have him pretty down.
        By the way, the front apartment in our building will be available on Dec 1…ha, ha!

      • Good to know, but I just signed my new lease for 2016. Only $10 monthly increase and if I move out; I may get my whole fifty bucks deposit back. Truth. πŸ™‚

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