After the Cow Jumped Over The Moon

Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle
The dish ran away with the spoon
For a shotgun wedding that was most upsetting
And destined to leave them in ruin

The Spoon’s family said, “how could they be wed?
You see he is only a minor.”
The Dishes were coping but secretly hoping
She’d leave him soon for some fine china

I guess I’m going to kind of cheat by adding this as my first submission to the photo challenge I’ve been nominated for by Erika Kind. I actually came up with the text first but…shhh…don’t tell anyone.


60 thoughts on “After the Cow Jumped Over The Moon

  1. I love this, Marissa. Lots of fun! I do wonder if your kids were ever told the traditional nursery rhymes or whether they have gems like these in their heads….too funny.

    • I’m sure if they tried to recite these nursery rhymes it would come out even funnier than this one. For some reason they just don’t seem to have as clear of a knowledge of some of these oldies.

      • My son guest blogged once. I feel like you may have been following me at the time. It was about how stupid people are. I’m trying to drag up the link but it was quite some time ago.

      • I don’t remember that. Whoa is me. My brain scatters information on the best of days, but I sure think that’s something I would’ve remembered. Send the link on if you do find it!

      • Okay. I can’t remember what he called it so I can’t search it on email and the only other option is to dig through 400 blogs to find that one. I’ll see if he can remember the title. That will make it easier.

    • Oh yeah, you know when you break a tine off a fork, they just don’t care. In fact, I think they take a shot from one of the styrofoam shot glasses. But don’t even get my started on the sporks. They’re like the white trash cousins that no one likes to admit they party with.

  2. So true about shotguns and plates, all come to ruin in the end. Marissa, I like the addition that the Plate’s family was holding out hope for China. πŸ™‚ You could rewrite all sorts of kid’s stories to make them more “up to date” and realistic.

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