First World Problems

I’ve traveled far, I’ve traveled wide and everywhere I roam
I see the faces buried in an iPad or iPhone
A choice is made, a lit up screen, it’s easy to forget
That there’s a world existing out beyond the internet
But what it is they’re looking at is clearly beyond me
You’d think that the one saving grace of this technology
For all the time they swipe and type, well one would well imagine
They could at least return an email in a timely fashion


76 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. A satire verse…very good indeed! Well there you go Marissa in the cafΓ© this very morn we were all talking about this very subject! Moreover the curse of young mum’s pushing prams and texting while trying to cross a busy street no seeming to care for the safety of the child!

  2. Hey, you’ll be surprised how addictive cellphones / the net are in this corner of the world, as well! We’re a family of 3 who are often sitting on the same bed on our respective devices! Or you go to a restaurant with friends and each of us is checking statuses! In fact you guys in the US and for sure, in Europe are better behaved than us! πŸ˜€

    • I haven’t been to Europe since the true ‘craze’ broke out. Might be interesting to see. I can hardly believe anyone is more internet obsessed than Americans but I will take your word for it.

  3. It’s true, every waiting room, waiting in the car, … the phone is picked. I am no exception…. Unless I am deliberatly taking a break, being in nature, … True words for sure, Marissa!

      • Oh, I’m guilty of looking down and being on my phone. A great excuse not to look at anyone (or spy on someone!)
        I do try to respond to emails. Cellphones are prohibited at my workplace so I could only check during lunch time – a time at which I try not to look at my phone and chat with co-workers- then while in the Metrolink train (if I’m not talking on the phone with friends/family from overseas). If urgent, then I do it before I go to bed. That way, it won’t come nagging me in my sleep!

      • Wow, cell phones prohibited at your workplace. That’s kind of crazy. I use mine for work so it’s okay, plus my boss is really relaxed. I know it will seem hypocritical after writing this post, but I think I would start having withdrawal symptoms if I didn’t have access to my phone for that long!!

  4. I think the problem might be that email is considered passΓ©. I can’t get my younger son to answer an email to save my soul. I have better luck with a text … and oddly enough, a phone call πŸ˜‰

    Email is so overdone – at work it is misused by copying everyone and anyone regardless of its relevance and socially it is packed with marketing junk and chain letters. Is it any wonder that people routinely ignore their email account? In fact I know people who are proud of rarely looking at it.

    I’m a dinosaur though. I’m clinging to my email … and yes, I respond on a timely basis, although I admit that I don’t often look at my phone when I’m out πŸ™‚

    • Ha! Who would have ever thought we’d be saying that we are dinosaurs by clinging on to our email accounts!! I do think you have a point though, although I do also come across people who also don’t answer texts.
      Email, is the closest thing I think we’re likely to have that could well replace the hand written letter. Texts are for shorter communication.

  5. When a person is alone with their phone on, I think it might be so they don’t project being alone. But when a couple are both on there phones it kind of defies old time logic,

  6. Not email related but this topic seeped into my dreams last night. In my dream, I was at a red light when I noticed the oncoming driver’s face buried in his iPad. The light changed and he drove forward but never looked up. He was heading straight into a home garage and I was shouting “Crash!Crash!Crash!” As I willed it, sure enough, his car ripped through the garage door and took out 2 very expensive, classic cars while completely demolishing his. His insurance premium is gonna be a nightmare! I know it was just a dream but it was really satisfying.

  7. Oh my, Marissa! Such a great reminder of “technology gone bad.” Just in case you ever send me an emsil, please be warned I have thousands of emails. I try to in follow posts, try to not allow replies to everyone’s posts be sent but when I started in 2012, I followed 100 people and innocently put a check mark in the box, it says to give me notice of “follow up comments.” Whoa, Nelly!! I didn’t mean everyone’s follow up comments. I try to clear my posts and comments but is a never ending process. Texting me, every time my kids, friends and family do. I text back within 2 hour window. πŸ™‚

  8. Wanting to connect to others so badly, yet forgetting that they could actually connect in real life more if they got off the bloody tablets. And not the prescription type.

  9. I’m so happy that I’m an oldie goldie and don’t have a cellphone to bury my face in. My daughter does. She always has it in her hand. I do respond to my blogging friends in a very timely manner. I know that I sound like I’m 80 years old, but I’m only getting close. Ha ha! Enjoyed the comments in your post. I do remember seeing a young chap riding a bike and texting. Looked quite dangerous.

    • Riding a bike and texting has to be the worst. I kind of give a hats off to that guy. I would never have that kind of coordination.

      I got a cell phone because I figured it would be a good thing to have with the kids. Then I inherited an iPhone. It’s hard to resist it’s charms. I’m one of them now.

  10. Oh yes! So true πŸ™‚
    I have this conversation with my teenager and texting. Buried in the phone all of the time, but he didn’t see my text message? MmmHmmm….
    Our fam is going on a phone vacation later this week. I can’t wait!

  11. Email? Emails are like a voice mail. Urgency… almost none. Text messages are more the thing that annoys me. I send a text…. respond. Now. Seriously. And when they don’t, my brain starts with.. why aren’t they getting back to me? What’s taking so long? Did they die? They better not have died. What if they really died? I’m a horrible person. Now, I’m going to find out they looked at my text and went to respond and were killed in a car accident and it’s all my fault… I can’t believe I…
    Yeah, you get the gist.

  12. A timely description of the times we live in. Riding the subways of NY I often watch people with headphones pumping loud music into their skulls. Some listen to music, others play games. If there is a terrorist attack here, WILL ANYBODY NOTICE?

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