Ode To Frank

Oh Frank you were a horrid soul
Behind the blinds you hid
Your winter years you did devote
To frightening our kids

Lumb’ring round the apartment like
Some great barbaric ape
The wide girth of your belly peeking
Through bathrobe agape

The lawn was public prop’ty yet
You warned them not to play
So menacing your words and looks
Our own dreadful cliche

You claimed it did disturb your work
Although I am quite sure
You must have been retired now
100 years or more

And sometimes with a camera there
I saw you taking pics
Innocent young limbs all stolen
By your subtle clicks

So who knows what was really studied
When on the computer
Your thinking as kids ran for fear
From your motorized scooter

But theories and assumptions quickly
Replaced by amazement
When yesterday I saw your place is
Now blissfully vacant

Imagine how the children sang
So long they’d been denied
They cheered and danced as if the wicked
Witch herself had died

They excavated worms, cartwheeled
Rejoiced like it was Christmas
As I thought of your face if you
Were only there to witness

This little plot of land you did
Unwillingly bequeath
And what a fitting fate to find you
6 feet underneath.


77 thoughts on “Ode To Frank

    • You have no idea the fights I used to have with this man. I once ended up throwing my daughter’s plastic ball at different parts of his car while it was parked in his driveway. Another time I called the cops on him because he was taking pictures of my daughter.

    • Although our relationship was somewhat confrontational
      I often found our arguing no less than inspirational
      My words and verses sought an outlet but all that was pending
      Until he moved out and, well then I found my ending!!

  1. Sounds like a real winner, that Frank! 😦 Never thought I’d feel this way, but I’m viewing this one as a happy ending!

  2. This reminds me of a neighbor whose house I had to pass on the way to school. We weren’t real neighbors, his house was at the far end of the block, so the only time we ever saw him was on our way to school or home. He’d stand in his window at least once a week and let his bathrobe hang open. I don’t remember really seeing him naked but a part of my brain tells me I must have because I shudder whenever I think about that time of my life. Like now.

  3. Oooh, what a creepy man, may he head the other direction in his after life. No one be allowed to take photos of children, without permission. Maybe need the police to have come and put him in jail, that fat belly hanging out of robe, what a “Pervert!” 😦

    • I did call the cops on him once and they told me that all he had on his camera were pictures of the tree in the front yard so I really don’t know what to think. He certainly seemed like a pervert to me.
      Here in America, we say, one beer short of a six pack. You English are so funny!

  4. The wide girth of your belly peeking
    Through bathrobe agape!

    Frank sounds like the robber from Dennis the Menace. Scary as all hell. Who actually was this fellow?

  5. How wonderful to be back here today, Marissa. Here is another outstanding representation of your genius. Poor Frank. I kind of remember some people like that when I was kid and they truly did scare me. Hope you are having a great Sunday!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • Your heart once again amazes me. You are the only one who evoked any sort of sympathy for this character but I guess he could have been sad and misunderstood, not to mention that he was really, really old and probably in failing health. Always great to see you here on my page. Hope you are doing well.

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