What I’m Thankful For ( A Narcissist’s List)

I’m thankful smoking marijuana’s
Not against the law
I’m thankful for thong underwear
And for my push up bra

I’m thankful for the Macy’s sale
And my new mini dress
And thankful Gotham isn’t on
During NCIS

I’m thankful for mascara and
For automatic doors
I’m thankful when there’s pizza rolls
At the 99 cent store

I’m thankful for my microwave it
Truly is a blessing
And that instead of phone calls there
Are now emails and texting

For deodorant and hair dye
And for goodness sake
I’m thankful for chocolate ice cream, cookies
Candy bars and cake

And sorry I can’t hear you
What’s that you’re asking me?
What of friends and peace and love?
What of family?

Oh of course, why silly me
For my one sided view
I’m sure that they are quite thankful
For all of these things too

This is the response to a challenge from Erika Kind, to answer the question of what I’m thankful for. I waited a while on this one while I was doing my October horror series. Thought it would do better closer to Thanksgiving anyway.



70 thoughts on “What I’m Thankful For ( A Narcissist’s List)

    • I was debating adding the parenthesis there to call it a narcissist’s list. I guess it’s not exactly narcissistic…maybe more materialistic. In any case, I thought it gave the blog a bit more character.

    • Dishwasher is a good one. Funny, I’ve had ones in apartments I’ve lived in and never used one. I don’t know why. Maybe just seems like by the time you scrape the dishes and place them in you may as well just have washed them but a lot of people seem grateful for them so maybe I’ve underestimated.

  1. This is a fantastic list of narcissistic gratitude. I was chucklingbat your under garments for a few minutes, also your group suggestion for the peace, etc. by all those who care. . .
    I can add a few suggestions like: there should be doormen following me everywhere and opening doors, saving my place in long women’s rest room lines and “taste testing” any new foods or restaurant dishes. Replacing non-tasty foods with delectable gourmet choices.
    My Mom says, “unlimited shoes” which will fit her, plus “classy dress socks which match” all her pantsuits. She is thinking more “up your alley,” Marissa! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. I too am thankful for hair dye! I just have to remember to save time at the end of the day to actually put it in my hair because it’s been sitting on the counter for about a week now!

  3. I’m thankful you took the trouble to visit my site and to ‘like’ my post Marissa. I only wish we had a ‘thanksgiving’ day here in Australia – it would help folks to stop and appreciate all that we have. Bouquets to you. Have you done anything about your singing? Trying to encourage you. 🎡🎸🌹

    • Oh, of course…isn’t supporting bloggers what it’s all about? I thought Australia had something comparable to Thanksgiving but apparently not. Oh well, just an excuse to eat I suppose, though that’s not the worst thing!
      Still jamming with the family. The kids do most of the singing while I try to help them but it’s their turn to shine now. I’m okay with that.

  4. Seriously? Thongs? You are thankful for thongs? (and here I was lead to believe that women hate them with the same exuberant passion they despise underwire bras with)

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