An Alternate Universe

“There’s a monster neath my bed
Just go and have a look
There’s a monster neath my bed
Reading my favorite book

He’s creepy and he’s ugly and
He’s got a million eyes
He waits for me to fall asleep
Then he’ll eat me alive

There’s a monster neath my bed
Believe me when I say
So just please go and have a look
And make it go away”

And so I went and had a look
Though I did not suspect
It seemed as if that boy of mine
Was very near correct

For though a monster sitting there
Was just what did appear
He was kind of pathetic as
His body shook with fear

I said “You are a scary thing
A horrid evil sight
Shouldn’t it be me not you
Who shakes with dread and fright?”

His million eyes did look at me
And he let out a yelp
And then he sidled up to me
And said “I need your help

They said no harm would come to me
I’ve clearly been misled
Cause don’t look now but there’s a boy
On top of my bed.”


78 thoughts on “An Alternate Universe

  1. Chiming in! Love this perspective. You ooze creativity, and you’re a born writer. Listen to your readers, and get your work out there! Marissa, you were born to write.

  2. It is all in the perspective of who is looking out of their eyes. A child may be less afraid of a monster, while a monster has plenty of things to fear from a child. . . I just know what messes, crazy weapons and wild imaginary strength my grandkids seem to think they have! 🙂 🙂

  3. I have to appreciate a monster who is trying to better himself. Reading, good for one and all. As for the boy atop the bed, maybe they can find a mutual interest and bond-through books.

  4. Oh this one is really good!! So many little ones are afraid of the monster under the bed. This would make for a lovely children’s book, Marissa, adding more on to it of course, to help parents deal with their children who are so afraid of what is under the bed. Or in the closet too. Really enjoyed this!!! ❤

  5. I’m glad that the ‘one foot out of sheets to keep body temp central’ but scared because ‘monster under bed will grab it’ scenario has ceased to exist within my world. It had a grasp on many years of my life, and caused many sleepless, body overheated, sweaty nights.

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    • Yes, I’ve thought about it. A lot of people have recommended I write books of different genres but I’ve just seriously began looking into it after seeing how easy it can be on Amazon. If I end up producing anything, I’m sure you’ll hear about it!

      • Sometimes I’m stuck for ideas – and could really have a lot of fun with this – using illustrations. You OK for me to use this (one day), all credit to you for the words, to inspire some illustrations for my blog?

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