The Hellish Halloween

The bedroom’s dark and I lay flat
Dare not so much as flinch
Afraid to blink afraid to breath
Or move even an inch

My mind scans the front entrance that’s
Equipped with many locks
But still I doubt it holding up
To their ferocious knocks

But not a move I’ll try to make
I’ll have to trust the door
And will my body to become
Yet flatter to the floor

But despite my best attempts
The knocking is persistent
And as the minutes creep on by
It becomes more insistent

And I can only pray my body
Will remain in limbo
Till horrified I hear them tapping
At my bedroom window

Zombies, monsters, werewolves all
Emit collective groans
And eerily they do beseech
“Is anybody home?”

I want to scream, I want to run
Yet it takes all my will
I will not give myself away
I’ll remain lying still

My head lifts not to see the clock
But silently I pray
The hand will reach the hour soon
And they will go away

But as I wait a frenzy hits
The noise begins to swell
I wonder what I could have done
To save me from this hell

Something to avoid this mess
On Halloween’s next date
And so it does occur to me
Sorry to say too late

But in the future to become
My modus operandi
A sign that says ‘I’m sorry but
We have run out of candy’.


67 thoughts on “The Hellish Halloween

  1. Got me again on this one…..I was thinking a vampire without fangs or something along that line, but nope, just an empty candy dish! Another fun one, Marissa! A+

    • It can truly be frightening. We once lived in a house where there were tons of trick or treaters and it’s truly frightening when you run out or even come close. I mean, first you try and think about what you can give them and if nothing comes up, it’s time to burrow underground.

  2. I was on the edge of my (computer) seat reading this. I’ve even turned out all the lights when I run out of candy and they still knock. By the way, I haven’t been receiving your posts recently, so I’ll have to go back and read a few gems that I’ve missed. I went to your site to see this one after your last comment on mine. A little voice said, “Where is Marissa’s Stuff?” Happy Halloween!

    • Thanks for looking. I’ve been noticing lately that most of my stuff seems to be getting less likes and comments and I’ve been wondering why but all the people who are reading and liking are saying they are finding it in their reader so I’m really not sure what’s happening. Anyway, glad you enjoyed. Running out of candy can be one of the most frightening things about Halloween.

    • Thanks Don! Just seems that lately I’ve been getting less and less views and today was really bad . I can help but think that my blog isn’t showing up in everyone’s reader. As for the sign, no, probably not.

  3. I wondered what you were doing hiding so fearfully from THIS time, Marissa. Great descriptions and oh, I felt goosebumps and fear lurking in your heart.
    You had the ending arrive in perfect timing, I was ready to peek ahead on my cell phome. 🙂
    This felt like a great homage to, “The Telltale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. Not that it was meant to be; just the great wording was like this famous (favorite) author. Someday, you have so many finely crafted collections you could publish several volumes of poetry! Or chapters in a big volume/tome.

  4. Do you know what’s worse than running out of candy? Substituting candy with healthy things. Nothing turns those kids into real monsters quicker than yogurt covered raisins. 😀

  5. Very nice Marissa!!
    How much candy do you need to be sure you have enough? I have no idea how many kids knock on your door and from which time to which time that happens… I always wondered 🙂

  6. Do you and the boys do much for Halloween? You’ve inspired me to maybe indulge this year, just for the random stories & so not American Australians answering the door. A ghoul having an identity crisis.

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