She always hated that picture
It wasn’t very good
I kept it by the bedside lamp
And that was where it stood

I told her it’s cause it was one
Our dear old dog was in
Sentimental reasons all
And much to her chagrin

But when she nagged and she called me
A stupid worthless cow
I saw revenge was mine to take
I knew not when but how

And when she asked me why it was
I never did get married
It was that picture that kept me
From getting tense and harried

I looked into the face that showed
The signs of her exhaust
The eyes were out of focus so
They seemed just a bit crossed

The way the camera angle was
So it seemed to distort
Her figure so her hips were wide
And legs were way too short

I noted roots that showed through gray
Before I went down for
The lovely ritual that was
Our nightly pedicure

Now she’s dead and gone you see
I’m blissfully alone
By complications of a toenail
Fatally ingrown

And now it seems there’s just so many
Duties to fulfill
Notifying relatives The
reading of the will

Whether it’s cremation or
Perhaps she will be buried
And a picture to submit
For her obituary


64 thoughts on “Mother

  1. Deliciously wicked! Hey! I receive emails from readers digest and just got a notification that they’re having a poetry contest. The grand prize is $1,000, and the winning poem will be published. The deadline is 10/30. I have no idea if there’s an entrance fee, but I thought I’d nudge you to check it out.

  2. Such a wicked daughter, Marissa. You must not be superstitious to say these things in a superbly written poem. Only the best words were saved for her last words. β™‘ The movie, “Mommy Dearest” came to mind. Now, SHE deserved the ingrown toenail!

  3. By complications of a toenail. I always thought the lives of toes had such complexities, unbeknown to our really far away heads!

  4. Such a complicated and ugly mother-daughter relationship! Maybe I should be glad I Maybe I should be relieved I don’t have a daughter after all πŸ˜‰

    This reminds me of a friend of mine who occasionally threatens her mother with an open casket at her funeral but she won’t have her now very sparse eyebrows drawn in. Apparently it is a major vanity of her mom’s.

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