The Ring Pt. IV

The darkness now enshrouds my home
I sit there watching all alone
For what will be revealed to me
By eerie glow of the TV

But if it’s true I’ll find the worst
Whether I am to be cursed
By a fate I soon will know
That comes via the video

The image then becomes erratic
And soon disappears to static
A shiver running down my back
The monitor turns evil black

A vision that can’t be unseen
A ring that forms upon the screen
I’m helpless from what will befall
The phone emits it’s fatal call

A hoarse voice whispers out the phrase
Menacingly “Seven days”
Frozen to the spot with fear
I scarce believe what I did hear

Stare at the vessel of my message
As if it is some sick appendage
And suddenly I’m running free
To find out, can it really be?

My heart beats in a nervous rage
Consulting the calendar page
And then I find out that it’s true
My movie’s a week over due.

Thanks to my son Jesse for inspiration on this one and so many of the other horror themed poems I’ve been writing this month!

67 thoughts on “The Ring Pt. IV

    • I just added on a thanks to my son Jesse for the inspiration. He’s been helping me a lot with these horror themes and he mentioned this movie. As soon as I thought about the whole ‘7 days’ thing, it just got my mind going on a whole other track.

  1. All the way through I’m preparing myself for something grisly and you got me again! I’ll never be able to predict your twists!

  2. To write ‘dark’ – especially so with a pinch of humour lurking in the background – is, I reckon quite the hardest thing to do using verse as the vehicle. It is thus I offer praise beyond measure…nice one!

  3. The video is scary, but the message is even eerily scary. If only everything is free. oops, anxiety is free, 🙂 You’re such a great creative writer Marissa.

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