Where Bad Tricks Go To Die

The awkward silence fills the hall
Another ill timed pause
That’s broken by a charitable
Smatter of applause

As The Fantastic Felix pulls
Another from the deck
To be told by the audience
That too is incorrect

A handcuffing that goes awry
Illusions that fall flat
As Felix manages to pull
Some lint out of his hat

But was it extreme pity or
Part of God’s divine plan
That made me bow to his request
By raising up my hand

When he said “From the audience
I’ll need a volunteer
For my next feat I will make
A human disappear.”

Next thing I know I’m up on stage
With Felix softly cussing
A slew of magic words amount
To absolutely nothing

And just when I am thinking why’d
I say yes to this weirdo
I hear him as he chants the words
“Presto change disappearo!”

I’m falling through a hallway
Catapulting to my doom
And soon I am transported to
A dark and dreary room

With a gloomy sign that reads
“Abandon here all hope”
I follow paths of yards and yards
Of strewn colorful ropes

Guillotines and large boxes
With easy open backs
Linking rings and barrels
Quarters covered with ear wax

Dogeared playing cards dispersed
Rabbits jump, doves fly
And soon I know I’m in the place
Where bad tricks go to die

And though I kicked and screamed at first
Now I am resigned
I may have been here months or weeks
I’ve since lost track of time

But I suppose it could be worse
The context of my doom
After all I could be like
My poor girlfriend here June

Who’s ’round to keep me company
And good for a few laughs
As we while away eternal
Searching for her other half



60 thoughts on “Where Bad Tricks Go To Die

  1. A first for me I think…a compliment…the flow of the piece was so enjoyable had to read it twice to capture the unfolding tale. Splendid stuff young Marissa which I’m allowed to say what with me being 107 years old!

    • Well, I am trying to explore my darker side and stick to a horror theme for October. This one was kind of strange because I’m really not a fan of magicians…but maybe that’s part of why this turned out the way it did.

  2. 🙂 Very nice Marissa!
    I would never volunteer for something like that… When I was a kid there was a magician at a party asking for a volunteer for a trick with a white dove. The chosen girl ended up with bird poop on her head. That image never disappeared of my mind so I NEVER raise my hand to volunteer for anything 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this but can’t figure out why I keep hearing the theme music for, The Munsters. Can you hear it now?

  4. Good grief! It sounds like a potential episode of the Twilight Zone. That show scared the hell out of me as a kid and this parallel universe of tricks-gone-wrong sounds like a nightmare!

    • I should probably pitch the producers…or directors…or writers…or whoever it is you pitch when you pitch something like that. Do they even make current episodes for that show anymore?

      • Good question … I don’t know. They should though. With the remakes of all the old shows and movies, it’s inevitable they’ll try this one too.
        … although it will be very hard to find another Rod Serling!

  5. Really enjoyed the music in this one, Marissa. How the words just flowed as if conducted by a conductor … you of course. Not too nuts about dark right now but I must give you a 5 star on this one. Superlative! Glorious! If not a wee bit gruesome. Remind me not to volunteer for anything I really don’t know what I am getting myself in for. 🙂 ❤

  6. Okay, this was amazing, Marissa! You are a tricky magician with your words. When you are finished lassoing us into believing and knowing it is true you magically untie us and realize we were duped.

  7. Lovely poem. It jolted my memory to a movie I watched recently called ‘The Dust Factory’ , strangely interesting film. You may enjoy it

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