Spirit of Radio

Edith worked the overnights
She sat there all alone
With nought a one for comp-ny but
His relaxed dulcet tones

That somehow did emit a sort of
Subtle sexy growl
And she would join immodestly
For his signature howl

“A whooo this is the sly dog here
I tell you I don’t bite
But I’ll bark and growl and take you
Through the lonely night

We got some Pistols coming soon
And then the Violent Femmes
So be sure to tune in right here

And Edith listened as Sly Dog
Would play her favorite tunes
Pretending he spoke straight to her
Beneath the waning moon

She’d answer all his questions and
Converse quite easily
With the voice she found on her
Radio frequency

But one day Edith spoke to Dog
Near had a heart attack
Because dear Edith was quite sure
That Sly Dog answered back

And she tested her theory sure
That something was amiss
Until he said it loud and clear
“Hey what it be, Edith?”

From that day on they chatted so
‘Bout all that suits their fancy
Like whether the Foos were all that
And whether Sid killed Nancy

And whether it’s Beatles or Stones
Or if Kurt’s recognition
Would be so if he hadn’t died
Or Fender over Gibson

And times when it was just about
The sun was due to rise
They’d get all philosophical
And just talk about life

Then one night Edith came to work
To Sly Dog said “Hello”
But there would be no answer back
She thought “Where did he go?”

She tried to find what happened but
All her attempts were thwarted
When she found that all Sly Dog’s shows
Were always prerecorded

But Edith bound back quickly
And not one to be depressive
Now she swears her new best friend
Is Flo from Progressive

This poem is dedicated to Wolfman Jack, Rodney Bingenheimer and all the overnight deejays who were there before overnight meant prerecorded.

Also thanks to Syl at Syl65’s Blog for his poem 10:55: You’re On The Air for inspiration.


64 thoughts on “Spirit of Radio

  1. Marissa, I loved Wolfman Jack and there was a great man in Cleveland who caught my interest and had the whiskey sounding voice which captured my heart. Central Ohio has Dino and Stacy in the morning but I do like Dino. He helps Children’s Hospital in Columbus and Felicia and I met him once. I dated an AM Radio guy called, “The Hawk” (Mike Hawkins) who liked broadcasting and giving the play by plays in sports. Only thing which affected our relationship was the fact he went to a holy roller church and was kind of “preachy.” He is a good man and I am sure he found someone else, more like him. πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes, that would have been a deal breaker for me for sure but all for those interesting times don’t you think? It’s easy to develop a crush on a radio personality. But there is an expression, ‘he has a face made for radio’ so we do have to be careful…although it’s what’s on the inside that counts…well for the most part! LOL

      • For the most part, I agree with this. He was okay, no problem with his above average looks. I had fun for awhile until some strange thought processes developed like spitting into a barrel evil thoughts, seriously rolled down the aisle of his church. I may have “defamed” holy rollers since they would probably wonder about this practice, too. Ha ha ha…

  2. As a former DJ (who did a few stints on overnight!), i can relate to this completely – although, I like to believe I was more the Wolfman character than Edith… hahaha! Great poem, and you are so right! Times they have changed!!!! (P.S, – This will probably pee off a whole lot of fans, but, like James Dean, Kurt is revered in large part because of his early demise…. had he lived long enough to fade, he would be long gone. Sorry, my friends! It’s just one hen’s opinion.)

    • Interesting Doreen! I never knew you deejays. That must have been a lot of fun. As for Kurt, 100% agree, which is pretty much why I put it in the poem, but, yes, let’s keep that between the two of us. Ha, ha!

  3. Boy, this sure brings back memories. I grew listening to late night 50,000 watts coming across the border from Mexico. Man, those were the glory days. In the seventies, there was a tv show, WKRP in Cincinnati, that did homage to those late night djs. Man, I miss the Venus Flytraps and Johnny Fever types who only wanted to give the audience great music.

  4. This made me feel sentimental and warm. I could hear Wolfman Jack’s voice as I read the stanzas. How many nights I stayed up listening to the radio…with my tape recorder microphone held to the speaker so I could catch an extra dose of Air Supply or Pablo Cruise….

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