For A Good Time Call

One day when Mother Nature summoned
Johnny was in the stall
When he saw words and numbers saying
For a good time call

And so he called the number and
Through giggles did request
If he might get some action and
So oddly she said yes

And so he went to meet her but
Imagine his surprise
She looked more like an angel he
Could not believe his eyes

And there would be romance that day
But of the sweetest kind
And Johnny loved her humor too
Her beauty and her mind

And in the years their love did grow
They made themselves a life
Which soon erased all memories
Of how he met his wife

Through thick and thin sickness and health
Poor Johnny never knew
That that was how Nick, Ned and Hal
Had met his dear wife too.

78 thoughts on “For A Good Time Call

  1. Hahaha!! I am so accustomed to trying to find clues to your twist endings that I thought when you referenced an angel, it was gonna turn out he called “dial a prayer!” Are you too young to remember that?? Loved this!

  2. Well he loved a gal for her mind!…I’m like that of course young Marissa…oh must go and help the missus on that old abacus…by spring she should have her 2 times table spot on.

  3. For a good time call and it worked out “good” in the end. Ok, so she was with 3 guys before. . . hmmm. . . Still not too many ahead of him, I think! 🙂 🙂 🙂 She found the right one, thank goodness before the list got too long, Marissa.

  4. Haha, Johnny should have known he wasn’t that lucky to have met woman like that from a phone number in a stall ! Lol

    I’m betting the number went something like 666….if you know what I mean 😛

  5. I always wondered if anyone ever called those numbers. Great poem and loved the twist at the end! You are the Empress of Rhyme and Reason. No doubt!

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