82 thoughts on “The MIL Blues

  1. Dear Mrs Marissa’s Mother in Law, Not that I’m a grass or anything like that yet I feel you really ought to know…….//Young Marissa, Send me 5 grand in used notes and I won’t post this!

  2. I feel your pain! I actually got busted on my WP rant from last Christmas, and it’s been a whole, big thing. Derek’s bratty little cousin/ my mil’s minion somehow found my post and brought it to her attention. I honestly don’t know how she did it. My full name isn’t readily available via WP, and I haven’t linked a blog to FB since I first start blogging (2 years ago). The girl had to dig through two years of my FB history to find a link to my blog. Whatever. I stand behind what I said. Good luck, and God Speed, Marissa!

    • That did actually occur to me when I was writing this blog and same here…except, oh yeah, my name is attached. Oh well, I think she knows I don’t like her very much anyway. Sorry you had so much drama around that one.

      • I’m used to the drama by now. The whole family has confronted her about it, so I’m not a lone wolf. She’s excluded due to her negative behavior, but the more she’s excluded, the more she sees her self as a martyr. She has the power to turn the situation around but that would involve an act of humility. We just live our lives with an open invitation for her to “play nice”. Fingers crossed…

      • No, actually she hasn’t come yet. I was just writing in anticipation of what I see as the end of my life. She’s already calling to ask if she can do laundry here and she’s only staying five days. This is what I dislike most about her. She imposes herself.

      • Oh no! I thought the worst was over. I do not get people who impose themselves. The thought of being an imposition is mortifying to me. I hope the time flies by for you (truly).

      • I know what you mean and completely agree. I don’t know why anyone would want to become an imposition but she does. Also, she had a stroke when she was 37 (I know, that sucks) but never really did all she could to make a recovery which just adds to it so now gets around very slowly and is always asking people to do things for her.

  3. When our first child was born, my mom came to stay. My husband initially expressed his desire for her to leave soon. But after about a week, he said, “You know, it’d be ok if she stayed a little longer…” She had gone out of her way to be helpful and non-intrusive so she wouldn’t be ‘that’ MIL. So we’ve been relatively lucky on this front. My MIL lives too far away to visit.

    • You know, I was talking to someone the other day about this. I think MILs are much harder on the wife than the husband. Men are just more easy going that way. My husband also gets on really well with my mother and I just can’t stand his.

      • I think in general that’s probably true. My mom and my husband had a pretty rocky relationship until our first child was born though. He really didn’t want her there but she turned out to be very helpful and respectful of our space. Now, they get along well. I get along well with my MIL too but she gets on my nerves a whole lot more than my mom gets on his… so you are without a doubt right on that point!

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