The Unwanted Guests

I know you think you’ve finally found
A place that’s safe from harm
And laid eggs for your babies where
They will be well and warm

And so you frolic all around
You think that life is grand
Blithely you sustain yourself
Off the fat of the land

But this nonchalant lifestyle has
Caused me much affliction
So with no notice I call for
Immediate eviction

I’m all for footloose fancy free
Existence without care
But next time maybe set up camp
In someone else’s hair.



65 thoughts on “The Unwanted Guests

  1. No, not my head. Mom help! I love bugs, but not these. I only experienced them once in a visiting child’s head when she asked me to help with a braid and there was an adult that established residence. Horror! Sent her home gently and started the panicky fumigation.

  2. Aargh! Seems like once a year my oldest daughter would get these unwanted visitors. One year, due to kitty cat lice, another time she got a permanent and somehow the lice liked her smelly hair, came back 2 to 3 times.

    • Yes, well, when you have kids, it’s never far from your mind….especially with that strain of super lice going around. I almost didn’t want to publish just because, well, who really wants to think about it, right? But I went ahead because I thought it was a good and funny poem. Also, the last line bothered me a bit. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Maybe just become extinct!!

      • Super lice. That doesn’t sound good at all. Yes, probably not good to wish on anyone. But I think it’s funny for the poem sake’s, and its kinda like instead of telling someone off you just tell them you hope they get lice. Well, try and stay away from all that super lice if you can! Have a great Friday!

  3. Parenthood, and lice. Great combo. Reminded me of one of the most miserable times of my life, and I will be using a flee comb for a few days after this one. I hear Lice are becoming resistant to long standing remedies.

    • Yes, there’s a strain of them out just recently that they say can not be treated with the OTC remedies. There are other solutions though. Certainly glad I haven’t seen them yet, in any case!

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