I Know What You Did

Each day the telephone does ring
Right at 9 AM
No greeting is required here
For my long time friend

His heavy breathing lasts a bit
And I can not get rid
Of his haunting voice that cautions
“I know what you did”

And though I question why and who
And tell him he is sick
The phone call ends abruptly with
A sole menacing click

Of course I’ve been to the police
Pleading, begging, asking
For them to end these awful calls
Which I find so harrassing

For I’m just an old widow see
I’m not exactly spry
I bake, I knit, I volunteer
I would not hurt a fly

And I tell you that all this stress
Just ain’t good for my heart
But this man that’s been calling me
Is really very smart

And despite all the doohickeys
Tracing when he rings
All those buggy devices
Just don’t detect a thing

An officer is by right now
To find the missing link
He begins to take his notes
I offer him a drink

He says a cool crisp lemonade
Surely would be nice
I pour him out a big tall cup
And go look for the ice

I find it in the freezer there
Right by the garlic bread
Above the frozen dinners and
Behind my husband’s head


87 thoughts on “I Know What You Did

  1. Hehe….. I always love to come to the end of your poems because I cannot wait for the beig twist. You are so amazing, Marissa!!! I love your black humor and your amazing way of writing and building up suspense!

  2. SQUEEEE! I couldn’t wait to see what the punchline would be! This is wicked wonderful (again!)
    Speaking of wicked…I channeled my inner-Marissa this morning and made an attempt at poetry. It’s over at my ‘secret site’ – The Hidden Hummingbird Diaries. If you can find it, you are welcome to read (and critique) my feeble attempt with “Rhiannon’s Rival Twin”
    I just love starting my week with you!

  3. Uh-oh! Busted! It’s the husband’s coming back to claim his head! But you know if he’s been using a smartphone, you won’t hear any clicks any more on the phone. Can’t even slam the phone down anymore. Tsk tsk!

  4. I was expecting the phone call listener/receiver to poison the guest with lemonade or hot tea. Not the surprise ending you gave us. Great technique of keeping us paying attention to the very end, Marissa. I was on the edge of my seat.
    By the way. . .
    You may be a medieval, witchy woman. . . Passing as an innocent mother, neighbor and wife. . . Just wondering what deep dark secrets you are hiding?! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Poisoning the lemonade would have been a clever ending too Robin. And as for what I might be hiding…well maybe a bit witchy but that’s no secret. There are no heads in my freezer, but you’ll just have to take my word for it!

      • I guess will believe you and take your word on lack of heads in your freezer, Marissa. Dark humor is much appreciated as well as dry wit. If I don’t come visiting, I will be up at Mom’s by the lake in rehabilitation at Senior Living apts. She is going to be taking awhile there with therapy, but lucky to have her. Hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend, Marissa. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. As always, you are spectacularly awesome. You ought to collect all your spooky, creepy ones like this and post one a day each day in October leading up to Halloween. That would also make for a great book of spooky poetry.

    • Yes, I did that last October on your suggestion and am considering doing it again. When I wrote this one, I did briefly consider holding it until October but who knows when inspiration will hit. Thanks Phil, glad you enjoyed.

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