Buggy Bart

Oh, what child could not assert
Their love of playing in the dirt
Or digging sticks into the ground
For creepy crawlies that abound

And through the murky soil slick
They lift them with fingers or stick
Til goosebumped shivers make them weak
They throw them downward with a shriek

But there’s one boy who sits alone
Frantic searching under stones
Deep in tunnels beneath stems
For thorax, legs and abdomens

The beauty which he loves the best
Would outweigh long hair, leg and breast
Although he loved the fairer sex
None reached the heights of the insects

Who’s ultimate perfection found
And never ever let him down
And for those who would dare to try
Would watch him stare at compact eyes

With patience wearing somewhat thin
Behind a glass terrarium
Though our unlikely hero knew
He found a love so pure and true

So heartfelt natural and so easy
He identified each species
But those who cared not bout his heart
Would simply call him Buggy Bart

And laughs were laughed and names were called
As he walked through high school halls
Wedgies and I just assume
What happened in the boy’s bathroom

Curse those who made him feel inferior
For it was the cafeteria
Where Bart chose to volunteer
And those who teased him live in fear

Of what gets blended in their smoothie
Chocolate chips, raisins and sushi
And carefully inspect their food
To make sure that it doesn’t move.

This post is dedicated to Andrew at All Downhill From Here, who needed some cheering up.


67 thoughts on “Buggy Bart

  1. Sounds like my daughter. She finds all bugs cute. Eeewww! I mean, not a cockroach. Just the thought of it makes me feel yucky. Tis true, watch out for those yogurts!

  2. I am deeply grateful (really). You might be amazed at what gets eaten in Asia. Fried cockroaches for example. And I had grasshoppers in Brazil (or was it Argentina). But I have never (yet) hidden a bug in someone’s food.

    Apologies for missing this originally. We are simply overwhelmed at present. You have cheered me up no end.

    • Yes, in researching the blog, I think I saw every bug that was edible (it seems like most are) and every imaginable way to serve it. No worries about not having seen it originally. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before and I’m always grateful for the inspiration.

  3. Marissa, where do you get such wonderful ideas…I see so many children who are different and have different interests from the majority of their peers!!! They get teased and bullied so many times. The ending was perfect…he can get his own back. Superlative dear☺☺

    • Thank you Nimi! I have to credit this one to Andrew (see dedication). He is always writing blogs about bugs and asked me to incorporate entomology into a poem that had a bit of snark…so here it is! Glad you enjoyed.

  4. I happen to like kids who notice details like bugs and moss. We have had some busy days but yesterday “Bart” would have liked tagging along with Skyler and Micah. Their fellow (nerdy) Boy Scouts were gathering items to place on outstretched black, navy or dark gray t-shirts to spray with bleach water. One little fellow kept finding grasshoppers and cupping them in his hand. Do you remember the brown “tobacco spit” you would get on your fingers? I now wonder if it comes from a different orifice?
    Anyway, he was one who was unable to keep them still enough on the shirts to squirting at. He finally took a rock, turned it over and found what we call pillbugs (Roly Polies) and I had to intervene, “Sam, you don’t want to squirt living things with bleach water. They may die.”
    Sam’s mother just stared at me. Oh no, Marissa! Does your Bart have a mother who may seek revenge on me? And if she brings to next potluck what she calls “Dirt Dessert” which has gummy worms and Oreo cookies in it, should I skip it? 🙂

    • Oh goodness, love the part about the tobacco coming from the wrong orifice. I think buggy Bart’s mom might actually appreciate you defending the insects. Sam’s mother, on the other hand. I might beware of. BTW my daughter plays with roly pollies too. Me? After a few seconds I just get creeped out!

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